Guide to What, Where and How to Start Thrifting in Singapore 2021

“Thrifting”: the new buzz term that has recently taken over much of the fashion world. What is it and what does it actually mean? Who dresses in “thrift fashion” and how do I dress in it too?  If you haven’t already noticed, thrift fashion is everywhere! Girls and guys alike...

Ultimate Guide to Moving Services in Singapore 2021

So you’ve finally bought your dream home and you landed on this guide, because here comes the most dreadful part: moving. Having to pack up all of your belongings, find the right service provider to rent a lorry from, clean up after the move… With a million things to...
Cleaning while working from home - hiring cleaning services on Carousell

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Services in Singapore 2021

Cleaning at home is always more tiring than it seems. Especially when you don’t have the time, you wish to put your home up for sale or are inviting a few friends over.  Whether it’s a part-time cleaning service, end of tenancy, post-renovation clean or cleansing from allergy-inducing elements, we’ve...
Autos_Blog_Buying a used car in Singapore Why it may be a better choice than new

Buying a used car in Singapore: Why it may be a better choice than new

Of course, price is a huge factor, but here are other reasons why a used car is worth considering.
Cheap and good guide to aircon servicing in Singapore on Carousell

Guide to Best Aircon Servicing in Singapore 2021

Singapore only has two seasons—hot and hotter. As much as you’ve heard, it’s true! That’s why our air conditioners play such an integral role in our lives. And why it’s actually one of the few household appliances we would actually care to service frequently. Instead of only going to Gain...

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