20/20 Vision For 2021 Resolutions

You made those New Year Resolutions - are you prepared for the hard part? As inspiring as they can get, New Year Resolutions are often amazing and huge changes to ourselves and lifestyles. But this could set us up for failure. How do we start, and how do we stick...
Cheap and good guide to aircon servicing in Singapore on Carousell

2021 Affordable and Reliable Guide to Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Believe it or not, air conditioning was once hailed as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. In fact, the aircon is actually one of the very few household appliances that people in Singapore actually care to service frequently since we’re super dependent on cool air...
guide to renovations Carousell blog

The Ultimate Guide to Home Renovation in Singapore 2021

After years of saving and waiting, your dream of owning a house of your own is finally materialising! The next step after getting the keys to your new house is to give it a makeover and turn it into the dream home you’ve imagined.  But with interior designers, contractors, sub-contractors…...
Cleaning while working from home - hiring cleaning services on Carousell

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Services in Singapore 2021

Sometimes, getting help with the cleaning in Singapore is so much more worth it than doing it yourself. Especially when you don’t have time, or you want to put up your home for sale and need help with making a good impression, or you are tired and need a...
Guide to couriers in Carousell Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Courier Services in Singapore 2021

Between the inconveniences of store closures and the virtual gatherings on Houseparty, many of us may have turned to delivery services - whether to buy pre-made boba pearls to satisfy our bubble tea cravings, or to send a surprise gift to our Zoom workout buddy. In this time of...

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