working from home with Carousell efficiency

Working from home: Upgrading your home office set-up for ultimate efficiency

Ah, working from home. Once a luxury, now a necessity. With the COVID-19 outbreak expected to last till 2022, the Singapore government has made WFH the default for many of us. Hands up those of you who were just as shocked about the sudden announcements of circuit breaker! Homes...
Guide to movers and moving house in Singapore Carousell

2020 Affordable and Reliable Guide to… Moving Services in Singapore

So you’ve finally bought your dream home in Singapore (and had been waiting to move in, but Covid-19 happened) and here comes the most time-consuming and dreadful part: moving. Having to carefully pack up all of your belongings, find the right moving service, clean up after the move… With...
Cleaning while working from home - hiring cleaning services on Carousell

2020 Affordable and Reliable Guide to… Cleaning Services in Singapore

Sometimes, getting help with the cleaning in Singapore is so much more worth it than doing it yourself. Especially when you don’t have time, or you want to put up your home for sale and need help with making a good impression, or you are tired and need a...
Cheap and good guide to aircon servicing in Singapore on Carousell

2020 Affordable and Reliable Guide to… Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Believe it or not, air conditioning was once hailed as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. In fact, the aircon is actually one of the very few household appliances that people in Singapore actually care to service frequently since we’re super dependent on cool air...
how work from home is working out

How the circuit breaker changed us for good

Couch potatoes turned fitness buffs, unite!
Being at home and thinking what we're grateful for

COVID-19: 7 surprising things to be grateful for

Cliche as it may sound, a crisis could bring out the best in us
Coping in Times of COVID-19: Tips for Working From Home, Social Distancing and More

Coping in Times of COVID-19: Tips for Working From Home, Social Distancing and More

Two days ago, it was still possible to grab a drink at a bar. Two weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people were still crossing the JB-Singapore causeway daily. But the causeway is now closed, and so are the bars. COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work –...
Work burnout tips self-care that you can do to feel better!

5 self-care tips to try if you’re experiencing job burnout

Were we the only ones who silently cheered when the World Health Organisation finally recognised work burnout as an occupational phenomenon in 2019? For too long, no one took us seriously when we said that we felt an overwhelming sense of dread every time we had to answer yet...

The Ultimate Pay Day Guide to stretching your dollar

Have you ever felt like your salary was limitless? LOL, me neither.  So why do we sometimes spend like it is? Here’s a secret: you don’t have to go through Pay Day pain every single month. For real. As a middle-income Singaporean plebeian who struggled to balance having fun, saving and being able...

Everyone wins when we all pitch in

Carousell is where it is today because of all of you - enterprising sellers with unique and rare items, sharp-eyed buyers who enjoy going off the beaten track, and more. In times like these, it’s important we do not lose sight of how we can help one another as a...