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Tips to ace the shopping season

6 tips to ace Singapore’s shopping season

You mean it’s already October and we’re left with 3 months more to the end of the year? It’s hard to believe what an inconvenience COVID-19 has brought upon us. And because we’ve been cooped up for so long,  what better time than now to #treatyoself? 9.9 to 12.12 mark...
Guide to DIY home repairs... and when to call a professional

Home repairs that can be DIY-ed… and which professionals to call in if it all fails

Maybe it’s the loose door hinge that’s been bugging you all day, or the dirty air-conditioner that’s triggering your allergies. After countless tutorials on YouTube and numerous articles on wikiHow... perhaps, you think, it’s time to DIY your next home service project! But you know you aren’t a DIY...
Travel without leaving Singapore: Fun things to do at home inspired by your favourite country

Travel without leaving Singapore: Fun things to do at home inspired by your favourite country

Ok, it’s confession time: We’ve all Googled this at some point. Perhaps even multiple points. Guilty as charged. With the Covid-19 situation in Singapore and around the world this 2020, we’ve all had to hit pause on our travel plans for now – even crossing the causeway for a quick supper...
Top tips on how to curate the best listings to sell successfully on Carousell

How to curate your best listings and sell successfully on Carousell

Ever wondered why some listings take longer to sell, while some get wiped out in under a minute? We’ve compiled tips accumulated by users over the past eight years on what to sell and how to sell it quick on Carousell!  Navigate them here: Prioritise what to sell Make your listings...
Making The Best of finding cheaper alternatives to expensive items on Carousell

Expensive wish list? Here are alternatives to get what you need

Don’t we all want to get the best things in life? It could be one luxurious overnight in Sofitel, dinner in a newly-opened Michelin star restaurant, or even that Dyson vacuum cleaner everyone’s been raving about. In my dreams, I’ve already gotten myself one of those much-hyped cordless vacuums...
6 ways to ride COVID-19 out, even turn it into an advantage with Carousell

6 ways to ride COVID-19 out and even turn it into an advantage

There’s no doubt about it - COVID-19 hit us hard. Some of us struggled to make the switch to working from home. Others were put on no-pay leave, or worse, lost their jobs. Businesses had to figure out ways to pay rent, and some had to close down. Even...
car buying during covid-19 singapore

Car buying during COVID-19: 3 reasons why now is the best time

From special discounts to digital showrooms, there’s a lot you can look forward to!
how to turn your hobby into your money maker with Carousell

Starting a side hustle: 4 steps to earn extra money while doing what you love

Okay, so you’ve all heard the mantra: “Do what you love for a living.” But what they don’t tell you is just how impossible it is, right? Not everyone is a Steve Jobs or Ellen DeGeneres. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2015, only less than 31% of people...
working from home with Carousell efficiency

Working from home: Upgrading your home office set-up for ultimate efficiency

Ah, working from home. Once a luxury, now a necessity. With the COVID-19 outbreak expected to last till 2022, the Singapore government has made WFH the default for many of us. Hands up those of you who were just as shocked about the sudden announcements of circuit breaker! Homes...
Guide to movers and moving house in Singapore Carousell

2020 Affordable and Reliable Guide to… Moving Services in Singapore

So you’ve finally bought your dream home in Singapore (and had been waiting to move in, but Covid-19 happened) and here comes the most time-consuming and dreadful part: moving. Having to carefully pack up all of your belongings, find the right moving service, clean up after the move… With...