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How to Make Your Skin Look Younger without Breaking the Bank

Everyone pretty much wants the same thing when it comes to skincare. They want to look youthful, hydrated and blemish-free. Unfortunately, a lot of us think gorgeous and glowing skin means spending fat cash at department store beauty counters. But you know, it doesn’t have to be like that at all! One of my colleagues ...

How to Declutter Your Room in 15 Simple Steps

Have you ever lost something in amongst the clutter of your room? Use these 15 simple ways to declutter your room.

Buying beauty products on Carousell: 3 things you must know

One can find really good cosmetics and skincare bargains on Carousell, if only you’d just look. If your coveted beauty product is sold out in shops or too expensive, Carousell can save your day as it did mine! All thanks to the impulsive buying and bulk purchasing of beauty products by kindred beauty addicts, I’ve personally scored a ...