5 must-have driving apps for Singapore Drivers other than Google Maps

There's an app to find the cheapest carpark near you. There's an app to give you directions in Elvis Presley's voice. There's an app for everything.
Tips on how to negotiate for better prices when buying a car

How to negotiate for the best car prices and deals in Singapore

Feeling overwhelmed with your quest for a car, more so with how to buy it at the lowest price? You are not alone! Just like when asking your boss for a raise or any other scenario in life, it comes in handy to know a thing or two about...
Car cleaning hacks that you can DIY with things you can find on Carousell Singapore

7 Easy Car Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks using Household Items

Car cleaning and maintenance is a big part of every car owner’s life. You've probably saved up for years to get your ride as it's one of the most expensive purchases you can make. Even if it's just a Toyota, you'll probably treat it like a BMW! Think about...
buy used car guide singapore

How to buy a used car on your own in Singapore (2020)

The entire application can be done online – simple!
Should you buy or lease a car in Singapore?

Buying vs. leasing a car during COVID-19 in Singapore: Which is a better choice?

Planning to get your dream car real soon? That's awesome! You must have said no to buying an iPhone 11 Pro or your fancy dinners to save up for this day, not even Covid-19 can stop you. While choosing between a Toyota or Honda is super fun, the bigger...
cars in underground tunnel singapore

Covid-19 Phase 2: Safe Transition – What does it mean for car owners?

From COE bidding to ERP charges, we answer your most burning questions.
How long should you renew your COE for? Carousell

COE Renewal: Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years?

With prices for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) showing signs of decline before the circuit breaker period, it can get quite tempting to buy a brand new car when COE bidding resumes on July 6, 2020. Between the attractive new car prices and the economic outlook, you’re thinking if...
buy spare car parts Singapore car servicing guide

Car servicing on a budget: Tips for buying cheap car parts in Singapore

You can save at least 10% if you know where to look!
cheap used car pros and cons singapore

Buying a used car in Singapore: Why it may be a better choice than new

Of course, price is a huge factor, but here are other reasons why a used car is worth considering.
Carousell Autos new inspected badge!

We’ve Got a New ‘Inspected’ Badge!

Carousell partnered with certified mechanics to inspect vehicles for your buying peace of mind.