The Age-Old Question – How and When to Best Sell Your Car in Singapore

There comes a time in every Singaporean's life when he or she has to sell the family car. It could be because it's too expensive to run, or there are just not enough seats for the growing family, but no matter what the reason is, every car owner would...
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Buying a Car? Here are the Best Used Cars to Consider in 2022

With the extremely high cost of car ownership, buying used cars in Singapore is a great alternative. In fact, with the large pool of used cars available for sale at any given time, finding a great deal can be much easier than you think! Here are some great options...

Honda – A True Powerhouse in the Automotive Industry

The year was 1948. Soichiro Honda had just returned from the Second World War, with the brilliant idea to produce motorized bicycles with surplus generator engines from the war. When the leftover spares ran out, Honda began building their own engines, and fast forward a year later, the company's...

How To Afford A Luxury Car Without Breaking The Bank

"Don't waste money on a luxury car!" No doubt these cars look amazing. And they're guaranteed to get heads turning your way. But for the majority of us, these cars are but a dream. Without counting our already exorbitant COE prices, throwing in the starting prices of a luxury brand like...

Guide To Getting The Best Price For Your Car In Singapore

Thinking of selling your used car and wanting to get the highest possible price? For first-time car sellers, this can be a tough and difficult decision. How do you go about selling a car? What information will you need to provide? Should you go on consignment or work with a dealer? Unfortunately, the driving...

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Cars in Singapore in 2022

Cars are a necessity for most people in times of today. It not only adds comfort but also immense efficiency in our daily hustle-bustle. For many, it is hard to imagine a life without a car feeding every need and whim.   Cars give you the independence and convenience of travel,...
Autos_Blog_Buying a used car in Singapore Why it may be a better choice than new

Buying a used car in Singapore: Why it may be a better choice than new

Of course, price is a huge factor, but here are other reasons why a used car is worth considering.
Autos_Blog_COE Renewal Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years

COE Renewal: Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years?

With prices for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) showing signs of decline before the circuit breaker period, it can get quite tempting to buy a brand new car. Between the attractive new car prices and the economic outlook, you’re thinking if renewing your current COE is the better route...
Buying used car on your own with Carousell

How to buy a used car on your own in Singapore (2021)

The entire application can be done online – simple!
Autos_Blog_Car and Bike Servicing 2021 Importance of preventive maintenance in Singapore

Car and Bike Servicing 2021: Importance of preventive maintenance in Singapore

What does car or bike servicing include, and why is regular car or bike servicing so important? And perhaps more importantly, why is it so expensive?