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5 Tips to Flat Lay Baby Clothes

Have you ever looked at your children and thought to yourself, “Boy, do they grow up fast”? That’s because they do! In their first year, babies can gain an average of 1 kg every month. Because of this rapid growth, their clothes might not get worn much. Some may even be good as new by ...

A dad’s guide to choosing baby carriers

I’ll say it straight up: I’m a big fan of babywearing. I’ve spammed the #babywearingdad hashtag on Instagram. I’ve used several of them through the years, and I’ll happily wear my 4 year-old daughter right now if she wanted me to. Why? Because it’s convenient for so many reasons: It leaves your arms free to ...

Carousell: Then and Now

Carousell is turning 5! That’s five years of scrappiness, slogging and scaling to where we are now. What a ride it’s been since our humble beginnings with just the three co-founders huddled over their laptops in JTC Launchpad’s Block 71 to almost 200 people housed over two floors in Keppel Towers, Tanjong Pagar now! I’m only ...

A Day in the life of an Product Engineer in Carousell

What’s a product engineer do exactly? You can sort of guess that it involves doing stuff for products, but what does that mean on a day-to-day basis? We asked Amelia to guide us through a day in her life at Carousell. 10:00am – Getting into work, reviewing code I usually get to work around this ...

Sending goodwill to Nepal in the form of a Soccer Ball

Kenneth could not have guessed that Carouselling a soccer ball could lead to a charitable act and advice for an unrelated hobby.

Kitchen Design: 7 Popular Styles for Your Home

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s often true. Your kitchen is where you spend time preparing meals for yourself or loved ones (or in my case, swiping food from them), and it’s often a central gathering space. Designing a kitchen can feel overwhelming though, especially when starting from ...

Working in the best tech company to work for

Ever wondered what life is like in the best tech company to work for?

The Art To Modern Living Room Design On A Budget (7 Unique Ideas)

Modern design doesn't always come with a hefty price-tag, and it's actually easy to create chic living rooms.

One Carousell is one giant group hug

People that chat together and eat together will most likely end up working better together.

Carouselland reminded us why we started all this

Last weekend was Carouselland 2017. Taking up 3 halls at Singapore’s Suntec City Convention Center, it was easily the biggest bazaar we’ve ever organised. We’ve always loved events like this, because it’s a great chance for us to meet our community and mingle. We spent most of the two days walking around and talking to ...