What is it? Are you a local creative in the media, arts, design and entertainment (M.A.D.E) industry?

MADEinSG is an initiative to spotlight your creative work – from prints and paintings, to creative services such as online masterclasses to teach a skill.As a homegrown start-up, we believe in the power that people bring together, because it helps unlock possibilities for one another. We want to help you ride through these difficult times, by enabling you to sell your work to our community. 

  • For makers – Join MADEinSG to continue pursuing your passions. 
  • For supporters – Buy MADEinSG to #SupportLocal creative arts. 

When supporting local passions help us tide through together, Everyone Wins.

Summary of benefits
  1. We will spotlight your work in our marketplace – you will be featured in our banner on the app’s frontpage
  2. Access to 3-month starter packs with tools to help your listings get more visibility [Worth $100]
  3. Access to Carousell Protection to enable digital payments
Eligibility criteria
  1. You have to be a Singaporean maker or creator
  2. Your work needs to be under the M.A.D.E industry

Curation is by Carousell. We will try to accommodate to the best we can, but we might not have the capacity to reach out to all submissions.

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