Discounted Contactless Delivery Options

Delivery options by Carousell

What is it? Are you looking for shipping and delivery support during this circuit-breaker period?

Whether you’re a seller or buyer, Carousell is partnering up with local delivery services such as GOGOVAN, Ninja Van and EasyParcel to provide contactless shipping for our Carousellers during this period. Support your local sellers and buyers, and use these local contactless delivery services to keep everyone safe.

When supporting local delivery services helps us tide through together, Everyone Wins. 

Summary of benefits A. If you wish to use GOGOVAN as your delivery service for small to medium-sized parcels, or bulky items, simply arrange with your seller or buy via Carousell Chat. 

    1. Next, download the GOGOVAN app or make a booking from
    2. Use promo code: GOSMALL2 to get $2 off delivery of smaller items such as parcels and small packages
    3. Use promo code: GOBIG5 to get $5 off delivery of bulky items such as furniture and household appliances 

B. If you wish to use Ninja Van as your delivery service for extra-small to medium-sized items, take 15% off all x5 Ninja Packs bundles!

  • x5 bundle of XS: $14.05 (U.P. $16.50)
  • x5 bundle of S: $15.20 (U.P. $17.90)
  • x5 bundle of M: $16.90 (U.P. $19.90)

Note that a delivery fee of $1.90 will apply for bundle orders below $50.

C. Use EasyParcel to do door-to-door deliveries starting from $3.40*!

  • Sign up here for Carousell Exclusive Packages to get free credit and additional benefit with coupon code “CAROUXEP20”!
Eligibility criteria Campaign is open to all sellers and buyers with verified accounts on the Carousell Platform.

Buyers who come across the campaign and are interested to have their items delivered to them via GOGOVAN, Ninja Van and EasyParcel may also share the offer with their sellers.

We highly encourage sellers and buyers to transact using Carousell Protection for maximum assurance and security during this time.

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