Sharing Parenting Love

“Carousell is not only a platform to sell and buy stuff. I’ve been a recipient of blessings coming from good and kind-hearted sellers, willing to bless certain items to those who might need it.

There was a time when I was looking for a nursing pillow and I chanced upon this nice seller, whom was offering it for free! After enquiring on how to collect, she was very kind to offer me diapers at a very low price and even asked if my baby is boy or girl.

I later found out that she was willing to give some newborn clothes and swaddles, which were still in good condition.

I was really touched by her gesture. This was one of my best experiences and transactions on Carousell. It only goes to show that people here don’t just sell stuff for profit or to dispose unwanted items, but are willing to share and bless items to those who need it. Carousell has been a good platform to find items and from time to time, can stumble upon to get items for free from kind-hearted Carousellers.” John, @jampearl41