Top 6 ways to save on for your wedding in Singapore

costs to save on for your wedding by finding them on Carousell
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If you’re getting married, you’ll know that this is easily one of the biggest costs you’ll ever undertake in your life (aside from your house, car and kid). And it can be deadly to your finances especially if you’re getting a house at the same time. Research shows that Singaporean couples spent an average of $58,000 on their wedding in 2018 – an 80% increase from five years before

In fact, don’t let anyone tell you that floral arches, confetti or smoke machines, live bands and photo booths are all must-haves. Or worse – that you must use the most renowned brands and companies to make it happen!

Here’s our guide to the top 6 wedding items and services that usually cost more than they’re worth, and where else you can get them so that you can stick to your budget.

TL;DR: Top 6 wedding shenanigans you can find for cheaper on Carousell

  1. Gatecrash props and outfits
  2. Wedding door gifts
  3. Wedding gown
  4. Design-related services
  5. Photography/videography services
  6. Wedding extra touches

1. Gatecrash props and outfits

Who doesn’t love seeing your friends get into embarrassing outfits and situations? After all, this is your ONE chance to see the groomsmen help the groom prove his undying love!

Money shooting guns, quirky bow ties and a cling wrap face frame are just some trending items you may want to check out at bargain prices on Carousell. You can find those, along with funky sunglasses, animal costumes, and more wedding shenanigans here.

These items are mostly used once and thrown, but can definitely be used again by another couple! Sell your used gatecrash items instead to reduce waste and recover some costs from the wedding. Good idea?

2. Wedding door gifts

You want your wedding door gifts to represent who you are as a couple, but we know hotel offerings can be a bore and sourcing your own can be expensive and tedious (not to mention the logistical nightmare if you were to order it from an overseas supplier!).

A quick search on Carousell lists welcome gifts as low as $0.80 per gift. These include coasters, tiny chocolates, mini ornaments and more. Plus, you get the ability to customise your gifts however you like!

3. Wedding gown

Did you know that besides the wedding venue, one of the biggest contributors to high wedding costs is a wedding dress? Especially ones that are made bespoke for the event itself.

So, why spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress you’ll only (hopefully) wear once? It’s more feasible to buy a simple yet elegant wedding gown off the rack or secondhand, and pay a little extra to tailor it. This will ensure that your gown will fit your figure AND budget perfectly!

When you scout for a wedding gown on Carousell, you’ll see many beautiful ones that have only been worn once for a photoshoot or for the bride’s actual wedding day itself. They average around $150 to $300, depending on intricacy of design. Getting it altered at a tailor would add an extra $80 to $200. This will only set you back by $500 at most, compared to getting one from a boutique at $1,500–and that’s how to save a thousand dollars while planning for your wedding!

4. Design-related services

Your wedding is an occasion you want to remember fondly for life, and design plays a huge part. Whether it’s wedding invites, signages or reception book, you want all elements to hit the mark.

Some people prefer to DIY their wedding invites and signages by using platforms such as Canva, but if you’re not a designer or artist, fret not! There are tons of talented artists and freelance designers on Carousell who would love to help you bring your wedding vision to life. Prices start from $0.50, and some even include printing at no extra costs. Think of the savings!

Pro tip: print extra invites. Y’know, to avoid any awkward scenarios.

5. Photography/videography services

Professional freelance wedding photographers and videographers aren’t hard to find on Carousell. In fact, they offer even cheaper rates compared to the ones sourced in your wedding package. This is because freelance photographers won’t need to give the wedding coordinator a cut of his or her fees once the job is done. 

Hiring one on your own can also give you the freedom to choose the style of wedding photography of your preference. Whether or not you’re going for a black and white, natural, portrait or illustrative type, you can find a photographer for it! Feel free to discuss with him or her before you start your photoshoot too.

And once you’ve chosen all your favourite photos, you can get them printed on any material too! Be it in a book, canvas or even this super cool 3D print, you’re sure to find a vendor on Carousell 😉

6. Last-minute wedding touches

Tiny ending touches that are equally important such as your mom’s makeup, photo booth and the bridal car don’t have to bankrupt you either.

Take it from Tselyn, a newlywed bride, who had to urgently find a makeup artist for her mom a week before her wedding, because her bridal package provider threatened to increase their already-confirmed price. She managed to hire The Powder Loft (@thepowderloft) on Carousell who agreed to the very last-minute request and did a great job!

“Mandy (from The Powder Loft) was amazing! I had to secure a makeup artist for my mom 1 week before our wedding. I found Mandy by just doing a quick search on Carousell and knew she could be trusted because she has had many positive reviews. She was quick to respond and was accommodating to all my requests!”

Aside from that, she managed to get a photo booth, a flower bar and rent a wedding car for 20% less than what was quoted by her bridal package!

Flower bar at wedding found on Carousell for an affordable price
The flower bar at Tselyn’s wedding!
Photo booth wedding found on Carousell
…and the gorgeous photo booth!


Why let bridal packages overwhelm you when more affordable options can come from a minute-long search? 

While you may need to do some coordination from your end, the cost savings can go towards the more important things – such as your new home, honeymoon or daily expenses. From planning ahead to last-minute needs, with Carousell, you can always find something that fits what you’re looking for.


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