Best Pest Control Services to Keep Bugs Out

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Pests are a nuisance for homeowners everywhere. No one enjoys chasing disgusting pests like cockroaches or rodents out of their homes. Yet, these pesky little critters are constantly finding their way in.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with them yourself. At Carousell, we have a wide variety of experienced vendors and experts trained to help eliminate any bugs that may be causing problems in your home or office. 

We can help you choose the best pest control services in Singapore that will give your living space a deep clean and keep bugs out for good.

What is Pest Control?

Pests are animals or insects classified as harmful to humans, plants, pets, structures, materials, and crops. They’re icky little creatures like cockroaches and rodents that invade our homes and might even affect their allergies or illnesses. 

Pest control aims to remove these unwanted critters, especially when there is a population outburst. Left unchecked, they can destroy properties and spread diseases. 

In homes and cities, common pests include rats, birds, insects, and other creatures that live alongside humans and feed on or spoil our belongings. 

The 5 general methods of pest removal are:

  1. Exclusion
  2. Repulsion
  3. Physical removal
  4. Chemical interventions 
  5. Sterilisation programmes

Why Hire an NEA-Approved Company?

NEA Approved Pest Control Companies are licensed, have proven techniques, and only use safe pest treatment products. This means you have the assurance there will be no harmful chemicals near your family or around the house!

When hiring the right Pest Control company, you’ll definitely want to find a team with the experience and knowledge to assist you.

But first, you’ll need to identify which type of pest management services you require. 

So, for your convenience, we’ve listed down 10 of the more popular services.

1. Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that feed on human blood. They may be microscopic, but you’ll know once they’ve invaded your home because of the tell-tale bite marks on yourself or your family members!

Here’s how a bed bug professional can help:

Firstly, a thorough inspection will be carried out to identify the nesting area of bed bugs within your home. Once it has been determined, a particular pesticide residual chemical will be sprayed around your entire house. This includes mattresses, bed frames, skirting, cracks and crevices, gaps, electrical trunking etc. 

An expert will tell you the required spraying volume and frequency depending on the severity of the infection.

2. Mosquito Control

Did you know that mosquitoes can carry diseases like malaria and dengue? Not only do they cause itchy bites, but they can be a severe health hazard as well.

That’s why it is essential to hire the right professionals who will provide you with mosquito control services.

Mosquito control services include a pre-treatment service to kill mosquitoes and their larvae.

There are three main types of treatments:

  1. Adult Mosquito Control
  2. Mosquito Breeding Solution
  3. Water-Based Misting

3. Rodent Control

While mouses, rats or squirrels may look harmless, these rodents infest homes and gnaw through anything from electrical cables to plasterboards! Their teeth are the culprit of many damaged appliances and furniture within houses. They are also a considerable public health threat as their droppings carry diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis.

Professional pest control companies can help you get rid of your rodent problems and keep them away for good! 

4. Termite Control

Termites are one of the most expensive pest problems for homeowners. They can cause severe damage to properties, especially older housing estates.

Over time, a colony of these tiny creatures will eat into the wood and other materials – weakening the beams or support structures, which may in turn collapse or pose a hazard for people! As such, it is crucial to seek professional services early before problems worsen. 

5. Cockroach Control 

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests in Singapore, especially during the monsoon season. They spread bacteria like E Coli through their saliva or droppings, which causes food poisoning and diarrhoea. 

Here’s how a professional cockroach management company can help you.

Firstly, they’ll do an inspection to identify the cockroach species and infestation levels within your home. This way, it will be easier for them to develop a suitable solution that is customised according to your needs.

For heavy infestations, usually, where you see more than 20 or 30 individual roaches per day in a household, a large scale is necessary. This would involve using both chemical treatments and non-chemical methods combined with heat treatment to remove and seal the entry points into homes. 

6. Flies Control

There are over one hundred thousand species of flies globally, with most having a life cycle and life span of one month. Flies are differentiated by their physical attributes, feeding habits and habitats. The housefly is the most common breed in Singapore, primarily due to our tropical weather. 

These pests defecate about 300 times per day – that works out to once every 4-5 minutes, which can transmit over 100 pathogens. This can lead to severe diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery. 

Here’s how a professional fly management company can help you. 

It typically starts with an inspection to identify the infestation levels in your home. This helps them recommend a suitable solution that is customised to your needs. 

Once they’ve determined the severity, they may recommend one of three fly treatments:

  1. Misting
  2. Fly Killer Machine Installation
  3. Fly Control Dispenser

7. Ant Control

Ants are a common household pest and are often seen moving together with their colony.

The colony’s workers do all the work, including protecting eggs, building and expanding nests, and gathering food. The queen, however, is responsible for producing eggs to make more ants. Contrary to popular belief, a colony does not only have one queen – there can be more than one queen at any time, and these queens can leave and start new colonies.

Ants detect chemicals in the air with their chemosensory system. They head towards anything that smells like sugar or other food. If you’re watching ants in your house and they’re going after something that’s unsealed or on the ground (like crumbs), expect to see them coming back with food in a few hours. 

It’s important to note that ants only need a very tiny crumb for food. If they’re moving through your house, it means there is more than just one or two crumbs somewhere in the building, and they’ll find them if you don’t clean up thoroughly! 

Here’s how an ant management company can help with your problem: 

Firstly, they will do an inspection of your home to identify the infestation levels within your property. Next, they can provide a range of ant prevention measures and treatments such as:

  1. Ant Gel Baits
  2. Insecticide Sprays

8. Snake Control

Snakes may not be a common sight in Singapore, but they occasionally appear, especially in rubbish chutes.

The most important thing to remember is never to try and kill the snake yourself! There’s a good chance you might end up getting hurt by it or bitten by one of them. 

Get a professional snake management company to help. 

While most of the 55 different snakes in Singapore are non-venomous, you should always leave the removal of these reptiles to a trained professional.

They can help you inspect, capture and remove these pests. And if a snake infestation is a recurring problem, they can also recommend structural solutions to minimise future invasions.

9. Stinging Pest Treatment

Bee and wasp nests are among the more common stinging pests you might find in Singapore, especially during the rainy season. 

However, you shouldn’t try to kill a bee or a wasp on your own, as you might end up being stung. 

Instead, hire a trained professional who knows how to conduct a thorough inspection of your house to locate the nest. They might also take pictures of the area to assess the best and safest way to remove it.

Finally, they can implement a range of stinging pest treatments such as:

    • Chemical Sprays 
    • Bee Hives Removal and Disposal

10. Tick Treatment

Ticks are common in the forests and parks of Singapore.

Unfortunately, ticks can carry diseases like Lyme disease transmitted through their bites or saliva when they take a blood meal from an infected host (sometimes you). 

The best way to identify if you’ve been bitten by one? Look for rashes around bite marks. If it’s blackish-blue rather than red, there might be more problems than just simple allergies! Tick treatments should only ever be administered by trained professionals because mishandling them may cause serious infections. 

So, get help with tick treatment by working with a professional pest control team.

They have advanced technology such as thermal imaging cameras to inspect and detect nests. Once their initial inspection is completed, they can recommend a solution that will work for you. This is especially important if you have pets at home.

How to Select a Pest Control Company to Help Get Rid of the Pests in Your House?

As you can see, pests are not just a nuisance around the house. They can be dangerous, too. They have the potential to carry diseases and endanger you and your family. This is why it’s so important to take pest control seriously and hire only the best service provider for the job. 

Here are a few key considerations when choosing a company: 

1) Does this company use safe pesticides? 

2) Is this company licensed? 

3) How experienced are their employees and technicians?

4) What is the company’s reputation like?

Why Not Check Out Pest Control Companies on Carousell?

If you’re searching for a reputable pest control company, Carousell is the perfect place to start looking. With thousands of sellers offering their services on Carousell, you’re sure to find a great deal and someone passionate about their work.

Here are a couple of vendors with excellent testimonials:

the pest control company


  • sonofzeus – Never heard of this company before, found them on Carousell & it was really a good find. Upon first contact, the whatsapp number was prompt in replying, & also gave an estimated quote, which was good because it doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Price was affordable, & an appointment was swiftly set. The technician that came provided pleasant & competent service. I don’t see anymore ants on the 3rd day.
  • heymry – Contacted the company in the wee hours & was promptly replied, made an appointment for today and Kelvin was appointed to attend my concern. I really appreciate the service rendered by Kelvin because of his sharing of knowledge and recommendations to upkeep & maintain the house from insects/pests. Pricing is transparent & affordable, highly recommended to engage their service. All the best!



  • clearingaway88 – Ezzy has the expertise to solve the termite pest problem. Am happy to have engaged them. They are patient and provide great customer service throughout the process.


Unwanted pests may be a common problem in Singapore, especially during the rainy season. However, you shouldn’t try to remove them yourself if you’re not familiar with that particular type of pest. Instead, hire a trained professional who knows how to inspect your home and locate the nest for the safer removal of these pests. 

If all this information seems overwhelming or if you want someone else to handle it for you, reach out to one of our many vendors. We have professionals for all kinds of pests, and they can help you figure out your next steps.

Keep your home pest-free with these 5-star-rated pest control services on Carousell!



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