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Cleaning while working from home - hiring cleaning services on Carousell
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Sometimes, getting help with the cleaning in Singapore is so much more worth it than doing it yourself. Especially when you don’t have time, or you want to put up your home for sale and need help with making a good impression, or you are tired and need a break – all valid reasons. 

Whether it’s a part-time cleaning service, end of tenancy, post-renovation clean or a cleansing from allergy-inducing elements, we’ve got them all down below at budget-friendly rates.

Why engage a reputable cleaning company to clean your place

  1. Save time: Don’t just include the time you spend doing the actual cleaning. You should also include the time you spend sourcing for the right cleaning equipment AND cleaning the cleaning equipment after use. It all adds up! You can spend your time doing what you like instead. 
  2. Fulfill your role as a good tenant or homeowner: If it’s the end of your tenancy, it is only considerate to deep clean your entire place for the next person. If you’re going to rent out your room or home, cleaner environments look much more attractive. 
  3. Quality work guaranteed: We’ve heard of rumours where freelancers enter your place on the pretext of cleaning your place, but take off with all your valuables. Or cleaners who wipe the paint off your window grilles while cleaning it. Yikes! Try to go for home cleaning providers who have good ratings, such as the ones we’ve recommended below. 
  4. Deep cleansing needed: There’s always too much dust and debris after a renovation. Or even after one whole week with the entire family working or learning from home. Save yourself a possible allergy attack by engaging a post-renovation cleaning service instead.
  5. Perfectly legal route: Saying it louder for the ones at the back – having your neighbour’s/cousins’/friends’ domestic worker come over your place to clean is illegal. Don’t risk it – just pay for a cleaning service.

How often should you engage a cleaning service

It depends on your budget (see below) and your tolerance for dirt and grime, really. There are people who engage cleaning services once a week, every fortnight, or once a month. 

If you’re new to home cleaning services, opt for a one-off cleaning service to test waters. After all, there are so many budget cleaning and housekeeping services in Singapore you can try. 

What should you look out for when asking for a quote

You need to bear in mind the following before baulking at any quote you receive: 

Size of your apartment: A bungalow/landed private property is going to be more expensive to clean compared to a four-room HDB/apartment. 

Type of house Size Number of hours Estimated price (One-off) 
Studio Apartment 400 to 799 sq ft ~3hrs $60
HDB 2-3 Room / Condo 2-Bedroom 800 to 999 sq ft ~4hrs $80
HDB 4-5 Room / Condo 3-Bedroom  1000 to 1399 sq ft ~4.5hrs $100
HUDC / Condo 4-Bedroom  1400 to 1799 sq ft ~5hrs $120
Penthouse   1800 to 2000 sq ft ~5.5hrs  $150
Landed property 2000 – 3000 sq ft ~8hrs $250 


What you want cleaned: If you want your windows cleaned, your clothes ironed, or your carpet shampooed, these are all outside of a ‘basic cleaning service.’ 

What you want cleaned Estimated add-on price 
Carpet cleaning  S$130 
Curtain S$8/kg 
Ironing S$3/pc 
Mattress S$60
Oven S$30 
Sofa  S$100
Windows  S$8/window 


Cleaning equipment: If you have cleaning supplies at home and the cleaning service does not need to bring additional cleaning tools, the costs of cleaning will be lower.

Cleaning services to hire if cleaning isn't as fun for you
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What’s included in a basic or end-of-tenancy house cleaning service

While a basic home cleaning service keeps your house fairly clean, you should opt for a post-tenancy or deep cleaning service if you need your house to look its best before handing it over to the next homeowner, or if your home is badly in need of cleansing.

Type of cleaning service  Focus of service  Estimated price for a 2-room apartment (One-off)  Time needed
Basic or general cleaning service  Sweeping and mopping of all floors

General tidying up of all rooms 

S$80 4hrs
Post-renovation Removal of all debris and dirt from renovation 

Wiping down of all the walls, sockets, furniture 

S$160  6-8hrs
Deep cleaning   Thorough cleaning of all surface areas 

Degreasing of kitchen and dining area (excludes oven cleaning) 

Vacuuming and mopping of floors 

S$220 8hrs
End-of-tenancy cleaning  Disinfection of bathrooms and kitchens 

Removal of all stains, cobwebs, and dirt 

Polishing of hardware and dusting of cabinets, fans, sofa, etc 

S$250 6-8hrs

How long does cleaning usually take?

Basic cleaning services would take at least four hours, and the others usually take up to a whole day. That’s enough time for you to play with your children, bake a cake, write an email and even squeeze in a workout.

Note that for basic cleaning, you can opt for a recurring service. These bundles are usually about S$5-10 cheaper than the one-off options.

Professional cleaning services to hire on Carousell

List of recommended cleaning services

Don’t be afraid to send them a direct message on Carousell and ask for a quote before committing to a vendor. 

Providers Prices Services  Number of reviews Average rating score
J&I Facilities Management 


Price upon request  All (basic, deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy, etc)   168 4.96
Ken Chen 


Starts from S$150  All (basic, deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy, etc)   129 4.95


Starts from S$40 All (basic, deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy, etc)   129 4.96
Eric Wong


Starts from S$140  Basic, deep-clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy  129 4.95


Starts from S$200 for post-reno cleaning  Deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy  62 5


Starts from S$130  All (basic, deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy, etc)   48  5.0  
Cleaning Ninja 


Starts from S$15/hr  All (basic, deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy, etc)   58 4.9


Starts from S$55 for basic cleaning  Basic cleaning, others upon request  36 4.96


Starts from S$12/hr  All (basic, deep clean, post-renovation, end-of-tenancy, etc)   15 4.93

Keeping your house clean for longer

Having someone to clean your house once a week is nice, but you don’t want to live in a filthy house for the remaining six days… Right? 

  1. Do the bare minimum everyday: Wiping down the kitchen top after cooking, throwing all trash into the bin and cleaning up any spills as soon as possible goes a long way in keeping your house clean. 
  2. Declutter every 2 weeks: The less things there are at home, the less dirt there would be. List items on Carousell,, so you can make money by decluttering your home. 
  3. Involve your entire family: Commit everyone to a small cleaning task so it’s not all on one family member.  

For everything else, we recommend engaging a professional cleaning service.

Your free time and energy can be better spent on activities like quality time with family, developing a new skill or resting after a tough week at work. Ask for help with home cleaning services on Carousell, and you shall receive. 🙂 


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