Aircon Chemical Wash: 5 Signs That Your Home Needs One!

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Although it was considered an exorbitant luxury once upon a time, with the rising of temperatures and humidity, air conditioning has become a necessity over the last few years. Today, almost every household in Singapore has at least one aircon installed on their premises. 

Even more so, we get exasperated when our aircon stops cooling at the rate we would want it to. 

Why is my aircon not cold?

There are many reasons why your aircon is not cooling as it used to, here are the most common reasons:

Dirty Air Filter

Clogged air filters not only affect the cooling of your air conditioner but also are responsible for filtering out the dirt of the environment so that all you get is clean, fresh, and cool air. 

Air filters need to be cleaned regularly preferably with aircon chemical wash for maintaining the efficiency of the air conditioner. 

Dirty Condenser

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is called the condenser. It is responsible for releasing the hot air generated by the fan and other parts of the aircon. 

Since it is usually placed out of doors, in lawns and gardens where it is subjected to a lot of dirt, debris which gets lodged inside the machine affecting the functioning. 

A condenser is required to be cleaned at regular intervals by aircon chemical wash so that it performs competently. 

Technical Failure

An air conditioner consists of 2 fans, an evaporator coil, a compressor, an expansion valve, and a condenser coil. These components are key in making an air conditioner function. 

A technical failure in any one of the above can make your air conditioning system stop working. To avoid such inconveniences, quarterly scheduling an aircon chemical wash for the machine can be the easiest possible way to make your aircon function effectively. 

What is an aircon chemical wash?

An aircon chemical wash is a process of cleaning the air conditioner thoroughly, inside-out with special chemicals. The machine is dismantled, to clean the air filters, fans, condenser, evaporator coil, and other parts using a chemical cleaner. This helps in removing the dirt and damaging acids from internal areas unreachable by normal cleaning methods. 

Additionally, the fan bearings are lubricated as well to reduce the noise it makes while in action. The treatment is also applied to the aircon’s drainage system by flushing the internal drain pipes with the chemical cleaner, to remove stuck impurities or to resolve a water leakage issue. 

An aircon chemical wash deep cleans the internal mechanisms of the aircon and is essential to optimize the performance of your air conditioner. Whereas, a standard cleaning procedure minus the chemical wash may not be the best way to thoroughly clean the insides of your aircon. 

Additionally, it fixes operating issues, as well as improves the air quality, reduces electricity consumption, and improves the life span of your aircon. 

Since it’s a comparatively expensive cleaning process, indulging in aircon chemical wash even once a year will be beneficial for the air conditioner. 

5 signs why my aircon needs a chemical wash

Unexplained allergies 

Frequent allergies among your family members can mean that the air quality is deteriorating, due to an unclean air filter, or a broken fan. A dirty air filter is a sign of impure air that is full of contaminants, germs, and dust. A broken fan can be fixed with aircon chemical wash so that the deeply cleaned fan can produce fresh air to breathe. 

If you’re finding it difficult to breathe whilst sitting in air conditioning, it is time to call for chemical washing. 

On Carousell you’ll find many such companies that provide aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore with amazing side deals and affordable prices. 

Bad Odor 

A reek, a foul smell, or an unbearably pungent atmosphere is a definite sign of dirty air ducts, pipes, or filters of your aircon. 

Odors like these are the result of low maintenance of your aircon unit, and an unhygienic, unclean internal system. There are several times when dead insects are lodged inside the ducts or pipes and cause a foul smell.

For this, an aircon chemical wash is much needed, since a standard wash will not be able to internally clean your aircon as well as the chemical wash would. 

Too much noise 

A healthy and well-maintained air conditioner makes a soft, humming sound while at work. If your aircon makes a loud, unsettling, and disturbing noise it’s a sign that it is ill-maintained and something is wrong with the internal functioning of the air conditioner. 

The sound is also caused when dirt particles are moving around in the windpipe and fan. 

To get rid of this noise all you have to do is go to Carousell and select an aircon chemical cleaning service in Singapore and the rest will be taken care of.  

Water leakage

A heavy amount of water leakage from your aircon can be caused by dirty air filters, a faulty or clogged condensate pan, and a blocked drainage system. 

  • A dirty filter can make the evaporator coils freeze causing an overflow of water from the drainage pan.
  • A faulty condensate pan will make your air conditioner leak if the pan breaks due to acid corrosion or accumulated dirt. 
  • A blocked drainage system can result in the water leaking from other outlets of the aircon that are not meant for drainage. 

All in all, when dirt or dead leaves, insects get stuck inside the pipes, filter, or pan it disturbs the functioning of the air conditioner. To avoid this, regular internal cleansing is needed. A simple aircon chemical wash procedure every quarter can help you avoid unnecessary problems with your air conditioner. 

Fluctuating electricity bill

A new, clean, and well-maintained air conditioner consumes an appropriate amount of electricity as specified by the brand’s manufacturer. However, if your electricity bill is suspiciously high and is rising by the day, you might want to get your air conditioner checked.

A damaged, or ill-maintained aircon consumes more electricity to function since more power is needed to get the air past the clogged drains/air filter or pipes. 

An aircon chemical wash will be required to clean your air conditioner and bring its power consumption back to usual. 

Choose your aircon chemical wash agency on Carousell and save on electricity today!

5 Aircon Chemical Wash Agencies in Singapore on Carousell

Carousell is a platform that offers all kinds of good quality products and services via various authentic companies and dealers across Singapore at reasonable prices. The platform offers attractive deals for all customers, making Carousell irresistible in times of need. 

We have for you the top 5 agencies that provide aircon chemical washing in Singapore, do have a look at them for your upcoming aircon servicing

YW Aircon Services 

YW Aircon Services provides quality servicing at affordable prices, alluring its customers 15+ years across Singapore. They pride themselves on their internal cleansing procedure using their specialized chemical wash, and chemical wash for condensers.

Their fan coil treatment is also reputed among their clients. 

YW Aircon offers repair services for all brands, types of air conditioners, for residential as well as commercial spaces. They offer affordable packages for multiple aircon units, making their company accessible to all kinds of customers. 

Several customers have expressed their satisfaction with YW Aircon on Carousell. Most of them are happy with their services and want to come back to them in times of need. Their team is also applauded for their professionalism and timely response to queries and inquiries. 

LY Aircon Pte Ltd

LY Aircon provides all kinds of air conditioning services across Singapore. From fixing water leakages to condensation problems, choked drainage, and fluctuating electric bills due to high power consumption of the aircon- LY has got you covered.  

Their chemical wash treatments guarantee 100% removal of dirt, foul smell, and killing bacteria, and germs for a hygienic home. 

They guarantee quality workmanship and commendable customer service, making their clients highly satisfied with them even though their charges are comparatively higher than some agencies. However, they provide quotations for their treatments to avoid hidden costs and GST, which makes them a much-preferred company for aircon servicing in the Singaporean market. 

Additionally, they provide complementary aircon checkups and a 30-180 day work warranty on all their services, which makes them a popular aircon servicing agency on Carousell

Cooling Point Aircon

Cooling Point Aircon is an air conditioner servicing and repair company that provides a minimum of 30-day warranty on all its services.

Its team of trained professionals is specialists in water leakage and removal of dirt, bad odors from the aircon drainage, and air filters. The agency is renowned for its aircon chemical wash treatment at great bargains. 

The services, customer support, and experienced staff of Cooling Point Aircon have been praised by many happy customers on Carousell

Best Aircon Servicing 

The agency guarantees high-quality services at affordable rates on Carousell. They specialize in checking the internal mechanisms of the aircon, as well as cleaning the air filters, the drainage system, the compressor, and other components using the aircon chemical wash. 

They are applauded for their professional approach to work, and their servicing staff by many satisfied clients across the country, on Carousell

Cozy Homes Aircon Services 

A new addition to the aircon servicing market of Singapore, Cozy Homes Aircon Services provides intricate cleansing and repairing services for all kinds of air conditioning, in residential as well as commercial spaces. 

They not only offer general servicing for ACs, but also provide saver packages for multiple AC units, annual contractual servicing, and chemical wash for fan coils, condensers, etc. 

Reach out to them for your next AC service, with Carousell!


Why breathe that foul air, and be obligated to live with that disturbing noise your aircon is making? 

Carousell is here for you with aircon agencies that provide aircon chemical wash for your air conditioners. 


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