How to set up your utilities with SP Services in Singapore

how to set up utilities sp services singapore - login to sp services to pay utilities bill

Setting Up Utilities in Singapore

So, you’ve just moved in and are getting comfortably settled in your new home.

Pimping it up is the fun part, but you’ll have to get through the more meh portions first… For one, setting up your utilities. Here’s a comprehensive guide:

1. Online application – opening an Utilities Account with SP Services
2. Paying the Security Deposit
3. Maintaining your account
4. Choosing your electricity retailer in the Open Electricity Market (OEM)
5. Paying your utilities bill
6. Terminating your account

1. Online application – opening an Utilities Account with SP Services

All of your basic utilities – water, electricity and gas – can be easily set up online under a single account on the Singapore Power Services (SP Services) website.

That said, you can still choose an electricity retailer in the Open Electricity Market (OEM) to buy your electricity from (Click here to skip to this portion!).

To open a Utilities Account, you’ll have to fill up details including your address, personal details and more via SP Services’ Residential Premises Utilities Application.

SP services set up utilities how to open utilities account

In the process, you’ll also need to submit some documents, including:

  • Your completed and signed Application Form for Utilities Account
  • Copy of your NRIC or FIN (front and back)
  • Documentary proof of occupancy of your house (e.g. Tenancy Agreement or property tax slip), where required

Note that only the official owner or tenant of the house can open an Utilities Account.

Next, book an appointment for an SP technician to come to your home to activate your utilities. (This will usually happen in the next 1 to 3 business days.)

If it’s a completely new house, you’ll need to have your gas turned on, too. To do so, set up a separate appointment with City Gas by calling 1800-555-1661.

Tip: Alternatively, download the SP Utilities smartphone app (iOS/ Android) and simply follow the instructions. The application process will be fairly similar to applying through the website.

SP services app pay utility bills

2. Paying the Security Deposit

When you open your Utilities Account, you’ll also have to pay a security deposit (which will be returned to you when you terminate your account).

The amount depends on the type and size of your home, whether or not you’re a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident, and your mode of payment (GIRO/ non-GIRO):

sp services utility bills security deposit
sp services utility bills security deposit

Prefer to do it in person? Bring your NRIC and proof of occupancy and do a walk-in application at either SP Services’ HQ in the CBD or their Toa Payoh customer service centre. Application forms are available there:

HQ: 8 Cross Street, #02-01 to 03 Manulife Tower, Singapore 048424
Toa Payoh HDB Hub: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #02-08 HDB Hub, Singapore 310480

3. Maintaining your account

You can view your utilities bill by logging in to the SP Services Portal.

View a breakdown of the different components you’ll see on your bill here:
sp services utility bills

4. Choosing your electricity retailer in the Open Electricity Market (OEM)

Now that you’ve got the basic stuff settled, you can start thinking about how to shave a good amount off your utilities bill every month by choosing the right electricity retailer.

By default, your electricity is supplied by SP Services.

But beginning May 2019, all Singapore households are able to buy electricity from other electricity retailers in the Open Electricity Market (OEM) (previously, the only retailer in Singapore was SP Services).

utilities open electricity market singapore - best plan discount off regulated tariff

Depending on how you prefer to be charged for your electricity, some of these plans offer guaranteed savings. (You guys, there’s even a price plan literally called “Confirm Save“, and it’s seriously confirm save.)

oem singapore price comparison tool

What this means for you is that these electricity retailers now have to work harder to earn your love – many of their packages offer perks such as rebates, free insurance and more.

Read more: Open Electricity Market (OEM): Promo Codes and Referral Codes to Save You Money »

Here are the list of electricity retailers participating in the OEM:

Not sure what to do with this entire list of energy retailers? Read our guide to the Open Electricity Market to find out more!

Tip: If you’ve already set up your utilities and wish to switch electricity retailers, you can easily do so as well.

5. Paying your utilities bill

You can set up automated recurring payments via GIRO (an automated electronic bill payment option), or pay via credit card, iBanking or AXS:


There are a few different ways to set up a GIRO payment arrangement:

  • Through your online banking account: Simply fill up each field accordingly, such as the billing organization to make the payment to (i.e. SP Services) and the account you want to make payment from.
  • Through AXS machines: For customers with DBS/ POSB ATM cards.
  • Via post: Fill up this GIRO form and send it to SP Services via post.
  • At SP Group’s Customer Service Centers: Manulife Tower (8 Cross St, #02-01/03, Singapore 048424) or HDB Hub (480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #02-08, Singapore 310480).

Also, don’t say never share: All existing and new residential customers paying via GIRO who have made a minimum of 3 successful GIRO deductions from 15 April 2019 to 31 December 2019 automatically qualify for a lucky draw, with $32,000 (!!!) worth of prizes in store.

That’s your utilities settled for the next few years :’)

2. Credit card

Besides GIRO, this is the other most popular method of paying for your utilities. Paying via credit card also means you can earn extra miles or cashback rewards.

3. iBanking

From your online banking account, select the billing organisation (i.e. SP Services), fill in your bill reference number and pay the indicated amount.

For instance, this is the payment screen for DBS/ POSB account holders:
SP services pay utility bills bank transfer

4. AXS Machine

Bring your utilities bill statement to any AXS machine in Singapore, scan the QR code or barcode, and make payment using your card or NETS.

Tip: A late payment charge of 1% applies, so if you’re paying via non-automated methods, set up a reminder of some sort so it doesn’t slip your mind!

6. Terminate or transfer your account

When your rental lease ends (if you’re a tenant) or when you sell your house (if you’re the owner), terminate your Utilities Account by filling in this form and either e-mailing or posting it to SP Services.

If your account is under GIRO, the GIRO arrangement will be terminated after the final charges have been deducted.

Utilities Accounts can’t be transferred – for instance, if you’re a landlord transferring the liability of the utilities bill to your new tenant, you’ll have to terminate your account and have your tenant open a new account.


SP Services Singapore

It’s as simple as that!

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