Meet our revamped property category!

Here’s the thing: We’re all Carousellers ourselves; and many of us have looked for, or are looking for a house as well.

What we’re trying to say is, we know the challenges of house-hunting – cluttered search results, incomplete information – and we figured that we could build something with Carousell could help make things a little easier.

So we’ve revamped our Property category!

Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, investing, or just looking for home-related products and services, our revamped Property category is there to meet all your home needs.

Ready? Start your home journey by tapping on the For Sale, For Rent or New Projects icons:


If you’re looking to buy…

One of the perks of Carousell: you can browse property listings put up by both agents and direct owners themselves.

If you’re more comfortable with having a professional to guide things along, you can filter your search by “Agents’ listing only”.

Oh, and all our listings by property agents contain their verifiable agent information. So you know they’re legit.

Not keen on resale flats? Check out Newly Launched Projects to keep up to date on all the upcoming and recent condo launches in Singapore.

We’ve carefully curated this category so that it’s as uncluttered as possible – easily find all the information about the new condo you’re eyeing, from nearby amenities to the floor plans of the different units. No more browsing through hundreds of similar listings!

P.S. Did we also mention that developers often offer early bird discounts for new condos? Better get crackin’.


If you’re looking to rent…

Pro tip: Every week, an average of 800 homes for sale and for rent are newly listed on Carousell (and the best ones can be snapped up in as quickly as 24 hours!).

Browse the latest property listings under the Recently Added quick filters so you’ll be the first to call dibs.


Which one’s The One?

Not sure where to start? Check out Popular Homes to see what others are chatting on; or view Recently Added homes to make sure you don’t miss out.


We’ve also made it much easier for you to filter homes according to things you value the most: Affordability, districts… Even the number of bathrooms so you won’t have to queue for your turn every morning.

Found it!

Interested to find out more about a particular property listing that caught your eye?

Simply tap on “Chat” to start a conversation on Carousell, or tap on “Enquire” to let the property lister know how and when you’d like them to get in touch.



Guides and tips

Real talk: We know that finding the right house is just the very first step of your home journey.

Then, you’ve got the finances to work out, paperwork to settle, utilities to set up and moving logistics to handle.

It’s not easy, but we’re here to make it easier, with our handy Tools and Services.

Build your property knowledge with our guides to all things buying, selling and renting – from the latest average home prices in your dream district to tips on being a good tenant.

(Even if you’re not looking to buy, sell or rent in the near future, there’s no harm keeping yourself up to date with all things property!)

We also know that budget is one of the biggest priorities when it comes to buying a house. There’s no escaping from having to save up (Sorry!), but at least spare yourself the math with our home loan calculator.

And finally, settle in with our selection of home services and furniture for sale on Carousell.

You can also access this via the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen.


Now that you’ve found your dream property, you can focus on what matters: Making your house your oasis. Your happy place. Your home sweet home.


Get started on your home journey today!



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