Open Electricity Market (OEM): Promo codes and referral codes to save you money (June 2019)

oem open electricity market promo codes 2019

Save even more money on your utilities

Food delivery apps have promo codes, ride-hailing apps have promo codes… Electricity also got.

In case you missed it, Singapore households are now able to buy electricity from the Open Electricity Market (OEM) instead of only from SP Services – you’re free to choose a plan that best suits your household’s habits.

It’s basically a guaranteed way to save money (don’t take our word for it, read our OEM guide).

And to make it an even better deal, we’ve compiled all of the promo codes and referrals you can use. You can thank us later!

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Promo codes for Fixed Price Plans
Promo codes for Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plans
Referral codes

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Fixed Price Plans

What are Fixed Price Plans: You pay a fixed rate for your electricity throughout the duration of your contract.

Currently, the rate for most, if not all of these plans offered by electricity retailers in the OEM, are lower than that of SP Services ($0.2279/kWh).

oem electricity singapore - fixed price plan promo codes 2019

Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plans

What are Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plans: They’re what they say they are – you get a discount off SP Service’s prevailing electricity rates, whatever it may be.

oem electricity singapore - discount off regulated tariff promo codes 2019

Referral codes

oem electricity singapore - referral codes


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