Making your house a home: Tips from new HDB homeowners in Singapore

Buying a house is one of the biggest events in life. All your life savings! In a single purchase!!!! Dude, you now own PROPERTY!!!!!!! That’s crazy (good kind of crazy, of course).

And one of the best parts about this is transforming your house into a place you can call a home.

That’s a huge task. A huge task you want to do well.

So we scoured this Reddit thread asking users about the unexpected things they learnt as first time homeowners in Singapore:


“When choosing light bulbs, think about how they can be changed if they ever die. LED bulbs which require you to change the entire set/setup might cost you more in the future.”

Consider not just the upfront costs when doing up your new home, but also the cost of maintaining it in time to come. If something that can’t be replaced needs replacing, it’s not going to be fun.


“If you cook alot, oil gets everywhere. Personally, I have a Granite (black galaxy) counter top which has to be cleaned and shined all the time, if not it’s really not that nice.”

There are just so many things to think about. The material of your furniture. The layout of your home. The fact that you now have to do your own dishes.

Equally, there are also many potential issues that you would never have predicted, until they actually happen. Get a well-reviewed interior designer or contractor who’ll be able to point these things out to you.

Contractors from the Directory of Renovation Contractor (DRC) must have undergone training specific to renovating HDB flats, and have at least 3 years of experience in renovation works. This means they’ll be much more knowledgable of what works and what doesn’t!


“Use matte finish for cupboards, not shiny/ glossy ones, to prevent fingerprints”

Ditto our point about the importance of going to the pros!

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“Plan for your rice cooker.”

The quintessential kitchen appliance in every Asian home: the rice cooker.

Make sure there’s an ideal spot on your kitchen for your rice cooker. For instance, don’t use it on your kitchen counter where laminate cupboards have been installed above, or all that steam emitting from the rice cooker will cause the laminate to warp.


“Soft close drawers are not necessary unless you intend to use your furniture during arguments.”

Point being, to keep your renovation costs as low as possible, only spend on what would be nice for you. Features that meet your needs.

Here’s another example: If you’re going to spend a whole ton of time in the living room Netflixing, then of course invest in a good sofa and all of that. But if you spend 90% of your time at home in your bed, maybe just keep the living room simple and functional.


“A charging point in the bathroom is hilariously useful. Just make sure you can actually reach it from the porcelain throne.”

No rebuttal for this. Pun intended :p


 “Remote for light switches and fans. Being able to power things on from the comfort of your bed is quite something else.”

Other than the look of your space, there’s also the functionality to think about to make your house really feel like home.

There are tons of smart home appliances, from Google Home to digital lock systems. (Pro tip: You’ll probably be able to get them for cheaper on Carousell!)


And lastly, the best part about any house, according to this Redditor:

new hdb flat singapore tips


Making your house a home

Got any more tips? Share them with us in the comments section below, or find home services such as renovations or home cleaning on Carousell!


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