Moving home 101: Guide to cheap house movers in Singapore

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Moving house is no easy feat, but let’s be positive here. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’ve already conquered the most painful part of the moving process: Paying for your new house :p

So we’ve compiled a few tips to make the actual moving a little easier (or jump straight to our recommended moving services here):


When engaging a mover…

Make sure they conduct an on-site survey

Anyone who’s moving home has different amounts and types of things to shift, which is why you don’t see these moving companies quoting prices on their websites.

So when you request a quotation from moving companies, ask if they can conduct an in-person survey of both your old and new house so they’re able to give a more accurate quotation (just a phone call or a couple of emails won’t cut it).

Question the quotation

And make sure you clarify what’s included in the price.

Are packing materials included? How many boxes are they providing? Are they going by price per hour or is it a flat rate? Is there a surcharge for the day or time you plan to move, especially if it’s a weekend?

And get multiple quotes

Because kiasu 😉


When packing…

But will it fit?

The armchair in your current living room would make a great cosy corner centrepiece in your new bedroom. But will it fit?

Take measurements of your furniture (the bulky ones in particular) as well as the doors and ceiling heights of your new home, to ensure everything’ll fit into the intended rooms.

Your mover will also be able to advise on how best to move each piece of furniture.

DON’T pack

We could give you tips on how to pack efficiently, but what’s even better is not having to pack at all.

Time your laundry so that you can arrange for your dirty clothes to be picked up from your old home just before moving, and delivered to your new home fresh and clean after you’ve moved in.

Services like Crixton Laundry offer doorstep laundry collection and delivery, saving you the need to pack and the need to do laundry. You’re busy enough with all the moving!

Take pictures of your electronics

Before you take them apart, snap a photo of the wiring of your wi-fi modem. Your TV. All that stuff.

Or else, when you’re setting them back up in your new home, be prepared to figure out where any of the wires are supposed to be inserted. Speaking from experience, 0/10 would not recommend.


Now that you have a better idea of the kind of movers you should be looking for and how to make the moving process as smooth as possible, consider these well-reviewed moving services in Singapore:

1. Movit & Fixit Services

Bart and his trusty team not only specialise in moving, but also offer other services such as pre-moving-in and post-moving-out cleaning.

2. RQS Services

These experienced movers come highly recommended. “My unit is only easily accessible by vehicles below 2.2m height so the team used a smaller vehicle and made 2 trips to accommodate without extra charge,” says one Carouseller.

3. Johnsion Movers

We hear these guys have moved even the most difficult items without hiccups. Pianos. Large glass wardrobes. You name it.

4. Left2Right

Left2Right promises to handle your items with care, as if they were their own.

What makes them special is their green vision – if you’ve got a moving job for volunteer or non-profit purposes, they’ll offer you a special price!

5. Angel Movers

They’ve got fixed package prices for, say, a 14ft fully loaded truck with a team of 4 movers, wrapping services with simple dismantling and assembling of beds ($280).

Still, it’s best you get a customised quote from them, or ask them for advice on how much of your furniture and items you can fit in the truck.

6. Rent a lorry for the day

If you’ve just got a couple of boxes to move, or are strong enough to do it yourselves, you can simply rent a lorry on Carousell for your move.

That said, if you’ve got bulky furniture items or are a serial hoarder, moving can be tough, so it’s best to hire the pros to do it if you’re not confident!


Moving house in Singapore

Whether you’re moving across the road or across Singapore, all that moving – packing, the logistics, the actual day – can be a lot. But it’s exciting stuff!

Find more home and living guides here and most importantly, enjoy your new home!


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