5 tips to clean and disinfect your home (and fight the coronavirus)

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While Singapore is battling the coronavirus outbreak, everyone’s staying home more to avoid catching the infection.

Which makes it all the more important to ensure that your home is clean and disinfected. So we thought we’d share some of our tips:


1. Start with the spots you usually overlook

Under the bed, washing machine, the bookshelf housed with books you’ve never read. The innermost parts of your coffee maker. All of your bathroom accessories.

Take this opportunity as the one time to do so you don’t have to do it until, like, your next major spring cleaning sesh. (Which will probably be when you start making your 2021 resolutions. So you’ve got a long way to go.)


2. Do it like the pros

And that means cleaning from top to bottom (rather than cleaning the dustiest part of the furniture, as intuitive as it might seem!).

You want to avoid having dirt or dust from the ceiling falling to the floor after you’ve already cleaned the floor.

To be extra careful, refer to the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) interim list of household products and their active ingredients known to inactivate coronaviruses to make sure the cleaning products you’re using are effective to keep viruses at bay.

They’ve also provided a guide on how to clean and disinfect your home:

coronavirus cleaning guide

Or, simply hire cleaning services on Carousell to save yourself the effort and time – if you do your cost-benefit calculations, and you may just find that some tasks are worth outsourcing to the pros.


3. Deep cleanse your fabrics

When was the last time you had a guest around?

And how do you know they didn’t wipe potato chip crumbs into the crevices of your sofa?

You don’t 🙁

Even if you’re super careful about keeping your home clean, you can’t avoid all that bacteria, dust and skin cells collecting on the fabrics around your home.

Most people think that using the vacuum to clean curtains, sofas, carpets and all these fabrics is good enough… But it’s definitely not!

At least give them a good soak in your washing machine, or fast forward the process by sending these fabrics to the dry cleaners’. (We’ve even got door-to-door fabric cleaning services on Carousell!)


4. Clean air, clean lungs, better health

Can’t live without aircon? We get it, neither can we. Give your air-conditioning units some TLC; and your fans, air purifiers, all the unsung heroes of home appliances.

If you’re not confident of doing a good job, engage a service provider that will do the dirty work for you.

(P.S. You might want to ditch your aircon for the time being, though – researchers say that Singapore’s tropical weather is naturally not conducive for the coronavirus, which is why it might just be safer to be in non-air-conditioned rooms.)


5. Declutter

The more things you’ve got lying around in your home, the more neglected surfaces you’re giving dust to thrive on.

All you need is just 30 minutes to clear away unused electronics or organise your clothes and shoes.

Haven’t used it in the past 6 months? Add it to the declutter pile. Never even knew you had it in your house? Most definitely add it to the declutter pile. Gift from an ex? Add it to the declutter pile (or if they did you wrong, burn it or something).

If they’re still in good condition, try selling them on Carousell! Always nice to get a bit of extra $$$.


Ensuring a clean home

Hopefully, these easy tips can be a good starting point for you to step up the cleaning. (Or, find affordable home cleaning services on Carousell here. Easy peasy.)

Stay safe, Singapore!



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