10 best home cleaning services in Singapore, so you don’t have to do it yourself

best cheap home cleaning services singapore 2020

Everyone loves a clean home… But not everyone loves to clean.

Yeah, we guess you cooould put on a k-drama on Netflix while cleaning to make it less of a chore. But following the subtitles takes concentration. Not something everyone is capable of while clearing dust bunnies under the sofa. (Speaking from experience.)

Looking for someone to take the cleaning off your hands, we’ve compiled a list of the best home cleaning services on a budget. P.S. Confirm plus chop good service, as vouched for by your fellow Carousellers:

1. EPIClean

Whether it’s a post-renovation cleaning job, a final big spruce-up before the end of your tenancy or just general house cleaning, EPIClean provides plenty of value-for-money.

If you’re looking to disinfect your home this coronavirus period, they also offer full disinfection cleaning!

2. Cleaning Ninja

These guys offer cleaning services from $15 per hour.

They’ll also take care of ad-hoc chores like changing of bedlinen on request.

3. Home Cleaning Services

Ken and his team have tons of good reviews – “They know what to do and even can help me to remove any stubborn stains,” says one fellow Carouseller.

4. DJ Cleaning Specialist

These guys worked hard for their rave reviews – they even went beyond their cleaning duties to rectify other minor defects in the house, a Carouseller recounts.

5. Housedeal888

Housedeal888 offers weekly cleaning packages, and you can choose to have the same cleaner assigned to you each time.

They also offer disinfection services using a fogger, because better safe than sorry, right?

6. Ericwong84

The best testament to a job well done is if your customers come back to you, and Eric and his team has plenty of returning customers. Simply put, super reliable folks!

7. J&I Cleaning Solutions

Amongst their many 5-star reviews, we found one Carouseller found a way to her man’s heart: “kudos to the cleaning team for satisfying my clean freak of a husband” 😉

8. Acm Pte Ltd

These guys are new to the market but they’re meticulous and have only received positive reviews from those who’ve engaged them thus far!

9. Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Their team of cleaners offers coronavirus disinfection services through misting, spraying a thin mist of chemicals designed to kill viruses and germs.

10. A-team Amahs

This A-team of Amahs offer not only home cleaning services, but also babysitting and nanny services by local helpers.

P.S. They’re running a $100 discount for regular weekly or fortnightly services!


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