HDB room rental rates: How much side income can you earn from rent this 2020?

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What if we told you that the spare room in your HDB flat is worth $500 a month if you were to rent it out?


Or even more?

With the economy slowing down in the wake of the whole Covid-19 situation, if you’re considering renting out for extra side income, here’s how to determine how much rent your room is worth:

How much can you rent out your room for?

1. Location
2. Your HDB flat’s market value
3. Your HDB flat’s value… to your tenant
4. Check what other landlords are charging
5. Provide good quality photos of your HDB room rental

1. Location

On average, a Carouseller earns an additional $800 a month renting out their spare room.

And here are Singapore’s average HDB rental rates according to district in 2019 – which is a good indicator of rental rates this 2020 as well:

how much is hdb room rental in singapore - average rental prices 2019

2. Your HDB flat’s market value

You can also see rent as a percentage of your home’s market value.

Location is an obvious determinant when evaluating your HDB flat’s market value. But even within every HDB block, this value can differ vastly based on factors like how well-furnished your home is.

Which is related to our next point:

3. Your HDB’s flat value… to your tenant

Ultimately, tenants are looking for rooms that offer the most bang for their buck.

Think about what a tenant would like in a home:

  • If they’re renting the common room (i.e. without an attached toilet), will they have to share the common toilet with everyone else?
  • Is housekeeping provided?
  • Single bed? Double bed? Double bed as soft as the touch of a thousand angels?

On the flipside, not everything that raises your HDB flat’s market value will raise your HDB flat’s value to your tenant. For instance, your home could be near a prestigious school, but if you’re renting to a single expat tenant, it wouldn’t matter to them.

4. Check what other landlords are charging

HDB has a handy rental price tool to check the prices of HDB flats that were recently rented out in any particular area:

hdb flats for rent - how to find cheap hdb flats for rent

toa payoh cheap hdb flat for rent singapore

This can give you a good estimate, but unfortunately, you can only creep on the rental rates of whole unit rentals, and not that of room rentals.

Another way around this is to simply check the rates indicated on rental listings.

When it comes to room rentals, a lot of landlords choose to rent out by themselves, so it’s best to check on platforms which allow direct owners to advertise.

Not to toot our own horn, but… Yah lah, we’re talking about ourselves. Carousell. Here. Tons of direct owners list their room rentals here. There was no less egoistic way to put it.

5. Provide good quality photos of your HDB room rental

You’d be surprised.

First impressions matter. A lot. With good quality photos, people are already attaching a higher value to your room right from the get-go.

Also, a study by the photography pros SmartShoot found that when potential tenants are looking at a rental listing, they spend about 60% of that time looking at the photos.

Our point is, photos! are! super! important!

You don’t have to engage a professional. Simply tidy up the room. Draw the curtains to let the light in. If you’re feeling fancy, clip a $3 wide angle lens onto your phone to make the room look more spacious.

singapore hdb room

But don’t be a catfish, of course. Make sure the room looks equally presentable when your potential tenants come for a viewing.

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Renting out your HDB room

So, you should have a better idea of how much your room is worth in Singapore’s rental market.

Check out how other homeowners are doing this rent-out-my-HDB-room thing here; or if you’re a prospective tenant, happy room-browsing!

cheap hdb flats and condos for rent in singapore


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