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The first-timer’s guide to buying a house in Yishun

HDB flat prices here in Yishun are relatively cheap, and let's talk about the whole ton of amenities (Northpoint City would take you ALL DAY to cover).
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Condos = good investments? 3 myths to bust before you buy a condo in Singapore

You're pumping a lot of money into this, so make sure you're getting as much money out of it.
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How do others afford their first HDB flat in their 20s?! And other money-related property questions, answered

91% of Singaporeans own their own homes. How close are you to being a part of this 91%?

HDB resale: How to sell your HDB flat in Singapore on your own

Let's say your flat sells for S$500,000. Doing it on your own means you'll save more than $10,000 in commission fees – worth it!
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With your salary and savings, here’s what your budget for your HDB flat should be.

Your HDB flat can be paid for in 2 portions: Up to 90% of the purchase price can be financed with a bank loan and CPF housing grants – both amounts depend on your monthly household income A minimum of 10% of the purchase price must be paid up front as down payment Based on this, the simple 3-step calculator below can help you to figure out your home-buying budget:   Want to know more? Explore our other resources for buying a HDB flat in Singapore: https://blog.carousell.com/property/hdb-resale-flat-singapore-grants/ https://blog.carousell.com/property/hdb-vs-bank-loan/ https://blog.carousell.com/property/hdb-flat-cost-singapore-tips/ https://blog.carousell.com/property/buy-resale-hdb-singapore/
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Would you buy an older HDB flat if it’s 1/3 the price?

You might have figured from the title… Age is definitely not just a number when we’re talking property.