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How to buy a HDB flat

payment guide for buying a hdb flat in singapore - cash, cpf, bank loan

Loans, CPF or cash: How should you pay for your HDB flat?

If you work out the right methods of financing your home, you're probably already all set to buy your HDB flat.

With your salary and savings, here’s what your budget for your HDB flat should be.

Your HDB flat can be paid for in 2 portions: Up to 90% of the purchase price can be financed with a bank loan and CPF housing grants – both amounts depend on your monthly household income A minimum of 10% of the purchase price must be paid up front as down payment Based on this, the simple 3-step calculator below can help you to figure out your home-buying budget:   Want to know more? Explore our other resources for buying a HDB flat in Singapore: https://blog.carousell.com/property/hdb-resale-flat-singapore-grants/ https://blog.carousell.com/property/hdb-vs-bank-loan/ https://blog.carousell.com/property/hdb-flat-cost-singapore-tips/ https://blog.carousell.com/property/buy-resale-hdb-singapore/
property price home loan calculator Singapore

How much is your home in Singapore worth? Here are all the calculators to find out

Want to check how much your neighbor just sold his flat for? The loan amount you can get? Condo rental rates? HDB and URA have tools to help you find out right away.
hdb resale grants new september 2019 - enhanced cpf housing grant ehg

The COMPLETE list of grants for buying a HDB resale flat in Singapore

What if we told you that you can get up to $160,000 in grants when buying a HDB resale flat. That’s probably a quarter of the price of your new home covered!
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cheap hdb flat - older hdb flats in singapore guide

Old HDB flats in Singapore: To buy or not to buy?

We debunk (or verify) some ideas that Singaporeans have about old HDB flats.