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How to buy a HDB flat

how much salary to afford hdb flat in singapore - average prices of hdb flat in singapore

How much must I earn to afford a HDB flat in Singapore? (April 2019)

Hundreds of thousands sounds like a lot of money, but you’d be surprised – you can afford to buy a HDB flat in Singapore even on a fresh grad’s salary.
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And the most popular neighborhoods to live in among Carousellers are…

We checked out how many Carousellers tapped into property listings in each neighborhood to find out which are the most popular estates to live in!

HDB loan vs bank loan: Which is better to finance your HDB flat?

The loan with the lowest interest rate isn't always the best.
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How to take advantage of Covid-19 when buying property in Singapore

Read this if you're thinking, "What’s there to take advantage of if there is literally No. Advantage. To. Covid?"
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Buying your HDB flat in Singapore: How to set your top priorities right

As much as conventional wisdom tells you to prioritize your needs and not your wants, sometimes, it’s a very fine line between the two.
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Would you buy an older HDB flat if it’s 1/3 the price?

You might have figured from the title… Age is definitely not just a number when we’re talking property.