cheap studio apartment condo singapore guide

Buying a studio apartment in Singapore: Are they good investments?

Buy a cheap studio. Get rental income. Sell at a profit. Yay/ nay?
freehold or leasehold condo singapore which is better

Freehold vs 99-Year leasehold condos in Singapore: Which is better?

A 99-year leasehold development is returned to the state after 99 years; a freehold development is yours to own indefinitely. But how does this affect your profit potential as a property owner?
buy hdb flat singapore 2020

How to take advantage of Covid-19 when buying property in Singapore

Read this if you're thinking, "What’s there to take advantage of if there is literally No. Advantage. To. Covid?"
One Pearl Bank new condo Singapore

One Pearl Bank: Singapore’s beloved Pearl Bank Apartments just got a stunning makeover

The same, iconic curved facades? Check. Super tall towers with amazing views? Check. Outstandingly photogenic? Check! We'll let the photos do the talking.