how to buy new condo singapore guide - new launch condos in singapore

New condo projects: How to buy a new launch condo in Singapore

Just follow these 8 steps and you're all set to call a brand new condo your home.
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cheap bukit timah condo singapore

These are the cheapest resale condos sold in Singapore over the past year

If you're a house hunter with a smaller budget, you'd be (very!) happy to know this!
property market singapore guide when to buy property in singapore

Buying property in Singapore: What defines a good property market?

The better you're able to identify these trends, the greater your chance of making a huge profit off your property.
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One Pearl Bank new condo Singapore

One Pearl Bank: Singapore’s beloved Pearl Bank Apartments just got a stunning makeover

The same, iconic curved facades? Check. Super tall towers with amazing views? Check. Outstandingly photogenic? Check! We'll let the photos do the talking.
home loan 2020 Singapore - bank loan interest rate guide

Is covid-19 actually the best time to buy property in Singapore?

A home loan is a lot of money, so a little difference in interest rates actually makes all the difference.