house viewing guide Singapore questions to ask when viewing property

Resale checklist: Questions to ask when you’re house-viewing in Singapore

Like what you see? Make sure you also like what you *don't* see. Ask these questions to check for hidden drainage issues, ventilation and more.
home loan 2020 Singapore - bank loan interest rate guide

Is covid-19 actually the best time to buy property in Singapore?

A home loan is a lot of money, so a little difference in interest rates actually makes all the difference.
dual key condos in singapore

Dual key condos in Singapore: Pros and cons for property buyers

Fancy splitting your dual key home into a main unit and an adjoining studio? This means you'll be able to maximise your home in many new ways. Plus, check out our picks of condos in Singapore with dual key units.
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cooling measures in singapore - guide to buying a condo in singapore

Property cooling measures in Singapore: Untrue myths that might rob your profits

Think about it this way. The very fact that cooling measures were implemented means you can be sure of one thing: The property market is improving.
woodlands ang mo kio amk yishun north singapore cheap hdb flats for sale - best place to live

And the most popular neighborhoods to live in among Carousellers are…

We checked out how many Carousellers tapped into property listings in each neighborhood to find out which are the most popular estates to live in!
ura caveat singapore property

URA caveat: The tool to stalk condo sales in Singapore

Psst! Knowing about this hack can help you find your dream home... And at your dream price.