LGBT guide - buying house singapore

Living together as an LGBT couple: How to rent or buy a home in Singapore

You know it's love when they snore like a rhinosaurus, but you still live with it (literally!).
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woodlands jb singapore

The first-timer’s guide to buying a house in Woodlands

With it being so close to Johor Bahru, you get the best of both worlds – or countries, at least.
can couple buy house before marriage in singapore - how can a couple buy house separately

The couple’s guide to buying a house in Singapore without getting married

Just because you paid for the home doesn’t mean you legally own it. Wait, what?
bidadari hdb singapore

House-hunting in Singapore? 5 factors of a good location

All things considered, where's that one *perfect* location?
property price home loan calculator Singapore

How much is your home in Singapore worth? Here are all the calculators to find out

Want to check how much your neighbor just sold his flat for? The loan amount you can get? Condo rental rates? HDB and URA have tools to help you find out right away.
ang mo kio singapore

The first-timer’s guide to buying a house in Ang Mo Kio

House prices here are slightly pricier, but hey. It's close to town, it's close to nature, it's close to a whole ton of food spots (at all times of day!), it's close to good schools... We could go on. Long story short: Worth it.