cheap studio apartment condo singapore guide

Buying a studio apartment in Singapore: Are they good investments?

Buy a cheap studio. Get rental income. Sell at a profit. Yay/ nay?
ang mo kio singapore

The first-timer’s guide to buying a house in Ang Mo Kio

House prices here are slightly pricier, but hey. It's close to town, it's close to nature, it's close to a whole ton of food spots (at all times of day!), it's close to good schools... We could go on. Long story short: Worth it.
TOP temporary occupation permit CSC certificate or statutory completion - moving in date for new hdb bto flat and new condo in singapore

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) vs Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC): What’s the difference?

As you count down to the day you can finally move in to your new condo, the TOP and CSC dates become increasingly important.
dual key condos in singapore

Dual key condos in Singapore: Pros and cons for property buyers

Fancy splitting your dual key home into a main unit and an adjoining studio? This means you'll be able to maximise your home in many new ways. Plus, check out our picks of condos in Singapore with dual key units.
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payment guide for buying a condo in singapore - cash, cpf, bank loan

Loans, CPF or cash: How should you pay for your condo in Singapore?

If you work out the right methods of financing your home, you don't have to be a millionaire to buy a million dollar condo.