freehold or leasehold condo singapore which is better

Freehold vs 99-Year leasehold condos in Singapore: Which is better?

A 99-year leasehold development is returned to the state after 99 years; a freehold development is yours to own indefinitely. But how does this affect your profit potential as a property owner?
house viewing guide Singapore questions to ask when viewing property

Resale checklist: Questions to ask when you’re house-viewing in Singapore

Like what you see? Make sure you also like what you *don't* see. Ask these questions to check for hidden drainage issues, ventilation and more.
how to buy resale condo in singapore - option fee, option to purchase, sales and purchase agreement, condo downpayment

Resale condo: How to buy a condo in Singapore on your own

After you've found ~The One~, how do you officially make it yours? A condo, we mean.
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How to take advantage of Covid-19 when buying property in Singapore

Read this if you're thinking, "What’s there to take advantage of if there is literally No. Advantage. To. Covid?"