landlord how to find tenants to rent out property singapore tips

Landlord’s guide: Tips for finding the best tenant for your rental

Sometimes, tenants are amazingly cooperative and easy to manage. Sometimes, they’re not. And at other times, they’re really, reeeeeally not.
tips for first time landlords singapore

Being a landlord for the first time: Tips for new landlords in Singapore

Everything landlords wished they knew when they first started out as, well, landlords.
hdb rental schemes - parenthood provisional housing scheme, public rental scheme

Subsidised rental HDB flats: Special rental schemes in Singapore

Under certain special conditions, some Singaporeans can also rent a heavily subsidised HDB flat directly from, well, HDB.
how to rent out hdb flat singapore guide for landlords - how to find tenants, tenancy agreement, security deposit guide

Landlord’s guide: How to rent out your HDB flat in Singapore

If you've got a spare bedroom or unoccupied HDB unit, why say no to easy passive income?
cheap hdb flats for rent in singapore 2019

HDB rental median prices 2018: The cheapest HDBs to rent in Singapore

For $1,800 a month, would you rather live in a 3-room HDB flat in Toa Payoh or a 5-room HDB flat in Woodlands?
how to rent a condo in singapore - tenancy agreement, rental stamp duty, security deposit

Tenant’s guide: How to rent a condominium unit/ room in Singapore

Free gym! Spa pools! Concierge services and round-the-clock security! Rent your dream condo in Singapore with all of these facilities.