tips for first time landlords singapore

Being a landlord for the first time: Tips for new landlords in Singapore

Everything landlords wished they knew when they first started out as, well, landlords.
landlord rental guide singapore 2020 - how to rent out room in poor economy

Landlord’s guide: How to rent out your home in Singapore even when the economy is rubbish

The economy is going doooown, but all the more you need your rental income to go up.
hdb rent price singapore 2020

HDB rental average prices (2020): How much is your HDB flat worth?

If you're the owner of a 5-room HDB flat in Queenstown, you could be earning an additional $30,000+ a year. We repeat: $30,000+!
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The student’s guide to renting in Singapore, as told by an international student

"It took me two years, two houses and two different rental experiences before I could even fathom just how everything works."
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Renting in Singapore: What should your budget be?

Use this calculator to figure out how much you should expect to set aside for rent every month.
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Landlord’s guide: Tips for finding the best tenant for your rental

Sometimes, tenants are amazingly cooperative and easy to manage. Sometimes, they’re not. And at other times, they’re really, reeeeeally not.