how to rent hdb in singapore - cheap hdb rooms for rent in singapore

Tenant’s guide: How to rent a HDB flat/ room in Singapore

Renting your own place is an increasingly popular option, even among Singaporeans. But first, here’s how to get the best rental rate, the legal bits, and all the complex stuff made simple!
renting a house in singapore - tips for tenants

Renting in Singapore: Tips to find a home to call your own

Go from making a good shortlist of pretty rental properties to asking the right questions during the negotiation process. To finally signing on the dotted line!
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cheap hdb flats for rent in singapore 2019

HDB rental median prices 2018: The cheapest HDBs to rent in Singapore

For $1,800 a month, would you rather live in a 3-room HDB flat in Toa Payoh or a 5-room HDB flat in Woodlands?
affordable co-living spaces in singapore - hmlet, login apartments, easycity, cp residences, 85 soho coliwoo, lyf

Co-living is the new co-working: 7 co-living spaces in Singapore

An alternative to rentals in Singapore, co-living spaces are much more community-minded, and often offer more flexible lease terms.
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cheap hdb flat for rent singapore 2019 - where to rent affordable hdb flat

HDB rental average prices: The cheapest HDBs to rent in Singapore (July 2019)

Over the past quarter, 12,335 HDB flats were rented out in Singapore. And the cheapest ones were located in...
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hdb rental schemes - parenthood provisional housing scheme, public rental scheme

Subsidised rental HDB flats: Special rental schemes in Singapore

Under certain special conditions, some Singaporeans can also rent a heavily subsidised HDB flat directly from, well, HDB.