Chat with Andy Chua, winner of the all-expense paid Club Med vacation!

Guide to listing property on Carousell - Andy

And we have a winner!

When Andy first started listing his properties for sale and rent on Carousell, he wasn’t even aware that he had put himself in the running for the grand prize of a trip to any Club Med resort.

Agents who uploaded at least 5 property listings from October to December 2018 were entered into a draw for an all-expense paid vacation with Club Med worth $5,000.

Andy simply did it because Carousell was a platform that worked for him. “I get enquiries every day, or at least, every other day.” he shared, as he showed us his list of Carousell chats.

We had a chat with him about his experience using Carousell as a property agent thus far:

How is Carousell different from other property platforms you have tried?

Carousell is particularly effective for getting leads for HDB rentals, and even HDB sales. I’ve been getting a regular influx of interested people enquiring on my property listings.

Clinching sales might be a little harder, but that’s the same with any platform, since property is a huuuge purchase. Still, I’ve arranged a few viewings with home-seekers through Carousell.

Also, because it’s easy to track your chat history on Carousell, some users come back after some time – a month later, for instance – to ask about a property they’ve enquired about previously, “Still available?” This indicates they have high intent, and could be a potential deal!

Do your leads on Carousell typically belong to a certain demographic? Do you do anything differently to cater to them?

A lot of them are young adults.

A lot of their enquiries come in at night – perhaps because they’re very busy, so they tend to scroll through Carousell only after they’re done with work.

It helps to expect this to happen, so you’re prepared to reply promptly, even at night.

What tips do you have for any property agent using Carousell for the first time?

Paying to list your properties on Carousell is worth it! You can cover your costs by just closing one rental deal, for instance.

Also, you can import your existing listings on to Carousell, so it’s convenient and doesn’t take up much time.

Lastly… You’re the winner! Where do you plan to go with your Club Med prize?

(laughs) I’m actually going to Bali at the end of the month with my company, and I wish I had used my Club Med voucher on this trip. We’ll see!


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