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carousell property agent testimonials

Check out the tips these property agents have to share after closing deals on our platform, and get started with our step-by-step guide to listing properties on Carousell!

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Jason Goh Propnex

"It's more cost-saving and the response is faster than other portals that I've tried."

Kuna Raj Propnex

"It is easy to use and has less restrictions when you're creating a listing."

Bhavina Kaur ERA

"I’ve noticed better response for certain listings on Carousell. For example, room and HDB whole unit rentals, HDB sales and new launches with lower quantum. Do give Carousell a go!"

Jaslin Toh Propnex

"I could reach more audience compared to other portals due to the first mover advantage."

Wendy Ng ERA

"The number of end users using the platform is plentiful. And because the platform is meant for anyone, it's very easy to use for both parties."

Ann Lee Propnex

"Carousell has lesser quantum for commercial – I would recommend any agent to try to use this app for commercial rental, especially less than $5k."

Joe Lim Propnex

"Carousell offers a whole range of product listing for clients. It is also easy to use."

Veronica Lim OrangeTee & Tie

"I was initially skeptical but my quick closure proved me wrong. Would recommend for agents to give Carousell a try."

Beatrice Chau Propnex

"HDBs and Rentals are definitely Carousell's strength. Agents who have both should seriously consider Carousell as a viable platform."

Eileen Leong ERA

"I am able to reach a new group of users who exclusively use Carousell to buy and sell their stuff. Bumps was effective in helping me drive leads that led to closure."

Frankie Chia Global Alliance

"I was surprised the response was so good. Would encourage all agents to try it."

Jason Pon OrangeTee & Tie

"The user interface allows me to chat on the listing and saves me the trouble of going back and forth to refer to the listing my client is interested in. Adding nice photos was a good way for me to capture attention of many leads."

Yu Hongling (Lynn) OrangeTee & Tie

"Response from leads here were direct and fast. Don't hesitate to try Carousell!"

Kedan Huang ERA

"It is user-friendly and good to use."

Charmaine Choo OrangeTee & Tie

"Strong traffic of locals in Carousell. Posting during peak hour helped me reach more people and close a deal."

Ace Choo Propnex

"Agents with lots of room rental listing can consider using Carousell!"

Ken Bong ERA

"After using Carousell, I am convinced that traffic is a lot higher than other platforms. This platform was effective in helping me close my property deal. If you never try, you never know."

Jerry Lim Global Alliance

"I was able to get a lot of exposure on Carousell as compared to other platforms. This is a upcoming and exciting platform for agents."

Florence Soh OrangeTee & Tie

"Good mass market demand for properties. Also very good for rental listings."

Angela Leong OrangeTee & Tie

"My take is that Carousell's very strong in rental. My rental listings all had good traction and closed very quickly."

Jasper Lei Propnex

"Carousell was able to give me additional exposure, which is important for an agent today to increase branding and close deals."

Johnson Poh ERA

"As Carousell is new, they have lesser agents and lesser competition as compared to other platforms. Demand is still strong so there's a higher chance of closure. New agents should try this platform too as it would give them a good start."

Bella Teo Huttons

"Carousell is very suited for mass market. Mass market property listings will do very well here."

Hazel Lim Propnex

"It was effective and fast in helping me find tenants for my rental listings."

Annabella Tan OrangeTee & Tie

"Carousell allowed me to reach my buyers faster. Tried coins and it gave me a lot of exposure for my property listings."

Eileen Tan Propnex

"I received more enquires from Carousell than other platforms that I am using."


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