#ChooseToGive Shelter: Helping Malaysian workers find temporary homes in Singapore

Over 300,000 of our Malaysian neighbors travel across the causeway to Singapore daily for work or school.

With Malaysia’s 2-week long lockdown effectively barring them from making this commute, many of them chose to stay in Singapore to continue with their livelihoods.

You’ve seen photos of the utterly congested causeway and news of 11-hour long queues, but for some who made it back to Singapore before the lockdown kicked in, there are still bigger battles to fight: not having a roof over their heads.

As Singapore residents who are fortunate enough to have a place to call home in this time of uncertainty, we’re doing what we can to help those who don’t.

We’ve invited our direct landlords on Carousell to #ChooseToGive Shelter to our Malaysian friends who are still unable to find accommodation in Singapore, for free.

How to help?

If you know of any Malaysians unable to secure accommodation during this lockdown period, direct them to this Carousell’s collection of rooms made open to them. They can then chat on any of the listings and, hopefully, find a temporary home:

accommodation for malaysian in singapore - covid 2020


Tips for landlords

The legal stuff

Several landlords were willing to rent their rooms out at a small sum, simply to cover basic costs such as utilities. That’s completely reasonable, but unfortunately, not legal 🙁

The minimum rental period is 6 months for HDB rooms/ flats and 3 months for condos; for leases any shorter than that, any rental charges (no matter how low!) is against the law. Meaning to say, you’ll need to be providing your place for free.

Keeping safe

Note down their details just like how you would for a tenant: Request for their name, their Malaysian passport number, and take a full-face photo of them

Verify their identity with a reference, ideally the company/ school they claim to be working for/ studying at. In this time of need, their reference would be more than glad to do so, especially since you’re doing a huuuge favour to help their members out.

And, of course, keeping healthy

Practice prevention against the virus by making it super duper easy for everyone in your home to practice good hygiene. For instance, place a bottle of anti-bacterial hand soap by every sink.


Thank you for #ChoosingToGive Shelter!

As a Carousell community, let’s #ChooseToGive in trying times like these!


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