A day in the life of a Product Manager in Carousell

Ever wondered what a Product Manager does each day? In the first installment of our "A day in the life of" series, we asked our Product Manager Alla what it's like to make new features for our mobile app.

Ask an Engineer: Is It Ever Time for a Code Rewrite?

It’s been blamed for the downfall of companies from Borland to Netscape. Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank calls it “startup suicide.” Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky claims it’s the “single worst strategic mistake that a software company can make.”

How to Make Your Skin Look Younger without Breaking the Bank

Everyone pretty much wants the same thing when it comes to skincare. They want to look youthful, hydrated and blemish-free. Unfortunately, a lot of us think gorgeous and glowing skin means spending fat cash at department store beauty counters. But you know, it doesn’t have to be like that at all! One of my colleagues ...

The Green Carpet: 15 Celebrities Who Rock Sustainable Fashion

The Green Carpet movement has celebrities and designers wearing eco-friendly fashion and showing their support for the use of more sustainable materials, and we totally love it!

10 rebooted toy franchises

These days, it seems everything is a reboot. Movies, TV shows, songs, and even toys. Sometimes, the reboot is great and makes the toys that much cooler, but sometimes, you kinda wish they just left the classics alone. With the new Power Rangers movie coming out and triggering a trip down memory lane, some of ...

Earth Hour: 5 ideas for some fun in the dark

Earth Hour is happening at 8:30pm this Saturday, 25 March 2017, and we’re really looking forward to it! It’s a great excuse to get your friends together and plan some fun (and wholesome) activities in the dark. If you don’t have any plans already, here are some ideas to get you psyched about Earth Hour. ...

How to Declutter Your Room in 15 Simple Steps

Have you ever lost something in amongst the clutter of your room? Use these 15 simple ways to declutter your room.

3 reasons why you should teach your kids to sell their old toys

The school holidays are here, and you’re probably looking up all activities to do with your kids during the break. I’ve got an unusual suggestion for you, and while it might sound self-serving at first, hear me out and I’m sure you’ll see the benefits too. Teach your kids to use Carousell and sell their old ...

Staff pick: Underwood Typewriter

The selection provided by Carousellers spans from the vintage Remingtons to the less vintage electric Brother typewriters. There are typewriters of all kinds of colours, even bright yellow like this Remington Riviera Sperry Rand!

What I learned from our All For Free charity drive

Last week we ran a drive at Carousell that we simply called #AllForFree. I’m sure you guys can figure out what the drive was all about 😆 LOL! We created this drive because we wanted to help used items make their way to the hands of the people who want and need them more directly. We’ve read news articles ...

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