I use Carousell to fund my wedding


Meet Janice (@rainybaxxshoe) , a 26 year old Carousell veteran who’s sold over 200 items, ranging from clothes, beauty to electronics and gadgets! Let’s hear her Carousell story.

Are you a full-time Carouseller? What were you doing previously?

I just started working full-time, and selling online is my side income since college.

What inspired you to use Carousell?

I started using Carousell as I was already an online seller on other platforms. I started selling online when I was just 18 years old. And as time passed, I researched other platforms to buy and sell things. My room looked like a rat’s house/ warehouse and I felt a need to declutter my items.

I’m currently planning for my wedding and I use Carousell to source for wedding items, as well as to fund my wedding by selling stuff I don’t need. Everyday before going to bed, I’ll browse Carousell to try my luck if I can find shoes, gowns or make-up for my wedding.

Your most memorable deal on Carousell?

I found two pairs of air Jordan kicks for my fiance and I at a really reasonable price. The market price is about RM 2,500  for 2 pairs, and I snagged it at RM700 for both. We are both sneakerheads so we incorporated our sneakers into our wedding photoshoot!

I love limited edition and quirky stuffs so if Carousell has higher chance of getting it, why not?

What do you sell on Carousell?

I usually sell clothing, bags and shoes – both preloved and new. I would say I’m just decluttering my goods at home and sometimes doing drop-shipping or pre-orders. I’ve also recently “expanded” my business beyond Johor Bahru to Singapore. After all, I just need to cross a bridge to Singapore to deliver goods to my Carousell customers there.

How has Carousell been as a source of income for you? What do you use the money for?

I would say a range between RM 100-300 per month. There’s no cost for selling as there are no loyalty or membership fees. The money I earn goes into my wedding fund! After all, it’s not cheap to get married, and every dollar counts.

Any tips on how to sell better on Carousell?

Price items accordingly and not at RM 0. Buyers don’t like asking and get shocking price that they can’t afford. Take good photos.

What are your most memorable experiences on Carousell?

Yes! I’ve made a few friends on Carousell – most of them are still friends with me till today.

The most memorable one would be a buyer and seller named Arron. I bought something from him as per usual.On another occasion, I visited my friends who were part of a live band in Penang.To my surprise, Arron was one of their band members. He had a beautiful voice and was stylish in person.

It was such a serendipitous moment! Carousell has helped me make friends across cities – whether it is Singapore, Johor, or Penang; I feel like I am part of a bigger community here.


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