5 Smartphone Photography Tips for Carousellers to Attract More Buyers

    smartphone photography tips on carousell

    Just tanya je any Carouseller macam mana nak improve sales dekat carousell and they will say “Take nicer picture la”. 

    Mesti pernah dengar kan, Great visuals = great sales.

    With so many items being listed kat Carousell, gambar yang cun and cantik la yang will help you stand out tau!

    So, macam mana nak ambik gambar yg lebih ‘wow’ heh?

    Smartphone photography tips ni really worked well for me that I want to share with you guys, to help kasi up sikit your Carouselling game!

    *Disclaimer: I’m not that pro in photography (still struggle nak find the right angle to make it insta-worthy selfie all the time, hehe). Tapi, lepas guna Carousell untuk jual barang for so many years, trust me, you dont need to be a professional to take good photo. Plus, Carousell ada in-app features yang boleh edit dan cantikkan your gambar, you only need your smartphone je.

    (P.S. Semua gambar featured kat sini ditangkap oleh Carouseller kami yang hebat! *Pro!)

    Smartphone photography tips untuk jual di Carousell

    • Keep it Simple

    smartphone photography tips to take photos on a contrasting backgroundtips to take photos and make it the center of attraction

    Ambik gambar anda with simple background is the best way to attract attention. Boleh jugak guna interesting texture (e.g. wood, marble, concrete) as your backdrop. Lagi Best tau!

    • Find the Light

    Kadang-kadang kita tak suka panas sangat kat malaysia ni, tapi matahari tula the best natural light untuk kita ambil gambar, (plus, free pulak tu). Ambil gambar time ‘golden hour’ from 3pm to 6pm for the perfect lighting. Also, elak guna flash indoors, because nanti gambar jadi terlalu harsh and tak natural.

    • Focus, focus, focus!

    smartphone photography tips to focus on your item before you take the photo for clarity

    Make sure gambar tu perfectly focused to capture every detail. Just tap and hold (dekat the item is on-screen) to lock the focus dekat camera and snap!

    • Don’t use stock Images

    Unless barang tu pre-order item, elak guna gambar stock image. Biasanya, buyers nak tengok actual condition barang and akan request for more photos via chat. So, by using non-stock photos, lagi cepat selling time and lagi cepat jual!

    • Tell A Story

    Telling a story with your photos on Carousell to sell faster

    Jadi kan barang-barang menarik untuk dilihat! Sama ada jual barang preloved Chanel bag or your old Xbox console, every gambar should tunjuk just how unique and special your item is! Cara senang nak enhance gambar, guna la props! It helps to show the size of the item.

    Untuk barangan fashion, and anda boleh jadi model pakaian to give a better impression of how they would look like atau buat ‘flat lay’ untuk nampak lagi cun!

    Anda juga boleh tambah text to your photos, create collage cantik, atau cuma experiment dengan different angles. The trick is to have fun with it la! Harap smartphone photography tips help you jual di Carousell!

    Smartphone photography tips to sell on Carousell


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