Selling and Buying is Easy on Carousell.



It only takes you less than 30 seconds to sell your used items on Carousell. 

We’re committed to inspiring the world to start selling, and that begins with making it convenient for you. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few tips to start selling and earning that extra income.

How to sell on Carousell: 4 simple steps

Here’s a quick look at how to sell on Carousell. With these four easy steps, you’re on your way to earning some money:

  1. Open up your Carousell app and tap on “Sell”.

2. Take a picture (or a few) of the item you’re selling.

  1. Fill up the basic details of your item.
  2. Fulfill your order via meet-ups or mailing.

Step 1: How to start selling on Carousell?

Launch the app and start by tapping on ‘Sell’ (the ‘+’ icon) within the app.

You just have to tap on it to open up the camera. Super easy, super quick.

Let’s get right to step two!

Step 2: How to take photos of your item on Carousell?

Ever heard how first impressions matter? It’s the same on Carousell.

Your pictures are the first thing buyers see when they browse on our marketplace, and the most attractive images get the highest views.

To sell better, here are some useful tips when taking photos:


  • Use natural lighting as much as you can so your photos are well-lit. Sunlight is your best friend here.
  • Use a contrasting background, so your item stands out. Presentation is key and your item should be the center of attention. 
  • Upload at least 4 photos to show different angles of your item to demonstrate the condition and authenticity of your item.

Once you finish taking your photos, select the ones you want to use and tap “Next”. 

Step 3: How to fill up basic details of my items?

Here’s your chance to convert casual browsers into serious buyers! Simply convince them that your item is indeed what they are looking for.

First, select a category suited for your item. This increases the chances of buyers looking for what they need.

A good title and description help users find your items too! 

Write short and clear titles – Buyers will not spend more than 3 seconds to read your title while browsing the marketplace. Being concise always helps!

Describe, describe, describe. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and detail all the necessary info you would want to know before buying it!

Remember that buyers are not always looking for brand new items in perfect condition. Preloved items are sought after too!

Include the brand name, original price, and why you’re selling in your description.

Then, your next step is deciding on a price. How much do you want to get from selling your item?

If you already have a price in mind, that’s perfect. If you don’t, look around and compare! A quick search on Carousell will show how much others are selling similar items for. 

We’ve also made it easier for you with Price Suggestion – When listing, we’ll provide you with the prices of visually similar listings to aid in pricing.

Pro-tip: Do consider paying for shipping too. Items with free shipping often sell more quickly!

Step 4: How to fulfill my orders?

You now have a buyer that is interested in your item. That’s great! 

What’s next? The best part of selling – getting the payment.

How do I receive payment from a buyer?

On Carousell, we allow buyers and sellers to connect through a chat, thus both buyers and sellers can agree on which payment method would be most suitable for both parties! Here are a few suggested methods to receive payment:

  • Carousell Protection (Highly recommended!)
  • Cash on delivery/Meet-up
  • Bank transfer

What is Carousell Protection?

Carousell Protection is an in-app payment feature that allows payment for items bought on Carousell through the supported payment methods. 

Enable Carousell Protection when you sell to ensure buyers commit to their purchase!

For more information, check out our step-by-step guide

How to buy on Carousell: 

Here’s a quick look at how to make purchases on Carousell! We’re going to take you through the basic steps to buying, how to get the best deals, and how to be well-protected during transactions. Spoiler: it’s super easy! 

Step 1: How do I start buying on Carousell?

Pro tip! You can use the filters to narrow down the search results for a more accurate find. You may also ‘like’ the item and revisit it at a later date through the heart symbol on the top right corner of your profile. 

Through these simple methods, you can easily find what you’re looking for! 

Step 2: How do I make a deal?

First things first, read the description on the listing of the item you like! If it looks okay, go ahead and start a chat with the seller of the item.

Pro tip! Always remember to always ask for more information and photos to make a more informed decision! Use the in-app camera function to ask for more photos from the seller. 

Step 3: How do I deal safely?

Safety first! 

Ensuring that you have a safe and well-protected shopping experience is our top priority! Here are our 3 most important tips to dealing safely on Carousell. 

Buying on Carousell is that easy! Once you’ve received your item, go ahead and ‘follow’ the seller’s account to stay updated on future listings that you may be interested in. 

How do I buy with Carousell Protection? 

Before we get into the simple steps of buying with Carousell Protection, let us give you a quick rundown on what it is! 

Now that you have a better understanding of Carousell Protection, here are the steps to ensure a well-protected and smooth transaction. 

Step 1: Launch your app and open your settings. 

Step 2: Set up your payment methods on your profile. Choose to pay by FPX or credit/debit card. 

Step 3: Look out for listings with the “Protection” logo to identify listings that are Carousell Protection enabled, or simply ask the seller to enable Carousell Protection for your listing. 

Step 4: Tap on ‘Buy Now’

Step 5: Choose your preferred dealing method (mailing or meet-up) and payment method. Ensure that your mailing address is correct. Apply any discount codes available and tap on “Make Payment”.

Step 6: If you have chosen for the item to be mailed to you, track your delivery progress in-app, and if you have chosen to meet-up, simply meet up with your seller within 7 days and do ensure that you check your item during your meet-up.

Step 7: Final step! Once you have received the item, make sure that you tap on “I have received my item” so that the payment will be released to the seller! 

Looking for more information? Check out our complete step-by-step buyer guide to Carousell Protection here: (

Things to note when using Carousell Protection!

  1. If you use Carousell Protection, do take note that as a seller, you do not immediately get payment from the buyer. Carousell holds payment until the buyer confirms they have received the item.
  2. Carousell Protection is absolutely free for all sellers
  1. When you use Carousell Protection as a buyer and you face issues with your purchase, raise a dispute with your seller before the order is completed and choose to either get a refund or an exchange.

What should I look out for? 

In-app contests:

We love to run contests at Carousell, where you perform simple steps to participate and stand a chance to win promo codes, vouchers (e.g. Grab voucher), or prizes (e.g. Nintendo Switch). These are usually announced on the front page, notifications page, or through push notifications. 

One of the best ways to get great deals on your desired items is to keep an eye on our front page collections! We curate sales and collections for high-demand items (e.g. Baking tools) on a daily basis to make your shopping experience that much more enjoyable. 

Welcoming our new users

Now that you’re an expert at Carouselling, why not join our giveaway, exclusive for our new users? 

Simply perform your first action (whether it’s listing an item or buying an item) to win vouchers. Heads up, you’ve got one month to participate in our giveaway from the time you joined Carousell.

Happy Carouselling!


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