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Meet Khairul and Anur, the couple behind @krlbrands



Tell us more about your Carousell business.

My wife and I run a local label called krlbrands. We sell custom made home decor products. These products are designed by us. We also upcycle old materials to make them new again.

Above: Map of Johor, christmas cushion

Are you selling on Carousell full-time or part-time?

We are doing this part-time. I am an engineer by day, and my wife is a geologist.

How did you get started?

I started my first online business in 2008 selling my graphic designs.

At that time, there was no Carousell and I was selling my designs on Facebook.I was single at that time and had no experience in design. But I was so intrigued by design, I taught myself by learning online and getting inspiration from other designers. As an outlet, I would just showcase my designs on Facebook, and I started getting requests from my friends. 2008 – 2013 were the years of learning, and setting the foundations of what would later become a business.

In 2013, I decided to venture into product design – such as home decor.

Interestingly, my mother is a tailor. She often had leftover cloth from making clothes. I collected her leftovers and made them into crafts like cushions, knick knacks and more. I enjoyed the process of upcyling and making the old new again. 2013 was the year I started investing more into this hobby.

When did you join Carousell and what’s the story behind?

We joined Carousell in early 2015. It was also the year I married my wife.

How did you find out about Carousell?

My wife and I had a booth at a flea market in Johor. We saw that our neighbour at the next booth had an empty table with just flyers. Out of curiosity, we asked more and we found out that they were selling on Carousell and directing their business online!

As an entrepreneur, we also wanted to explore and try a new platform. At first, we thought Carousell was more for preloved fashion. But after looking in the “Art and Crafts” category, we saw that there were not many sellers. This was when we realised that there was an opportunity.

How has your experience been on Carousell so far?

Before Carousell, I sold primarily on Facebook and Instagram. These two mediums are not so suitable for businesses, especially back then. The user experience lacked the features needed for selling.

I found Carousell’s features helpful for sellers– from the “reserved” button to chatting, I like how Carousell makes the selling experience seamless.

How do you handle a full-time job and your business?

It’s really with passion. In the day I work, and when I go home I design. During lunch hour I reply customers, and on the weekends we do postage. But I love what I do and this keeps me going.

We do all our production in our house, and even have a designated “creative room”.

How was Carousell been as a source of income?

It is different for every month. On a good month, I earn up to RM 300. What we do is considered a niche market, and it requires time to customise each product.

What do you use the money for?

Honestly, we use it to sustain our cost of living. If we have extra money, we buy from other makers as well – such as props that we use for our photoshoot. I want to support and give back to the makers community. So this is my way of giving them a shout-out.

Where do most of your sales come from?

Right now Carousell is the platform that brings in the most sales for us. We have about 5,000 followers on Carousell. Unlike Instagram, these are potential customers and not just commenters.

The people who buy from us are from all over Malaysia – mostly from KL, Selangor and Sarawak. In Johor, we don’t get as many customers. This trend and aesthetic has yet to pick up here. But being a born and bred Johorean, I hope it catches on.

What are your future plans for krl brands?

I hope that in 10 to 15 years we can open up a physical store in Johor or KL. We also hope to venture more into event decorations – such as designing a picnic set or a candle-light dinner.


Check out their Carousell profile here: https://my.carousell.com/krlbrands/


Carousell LIVE! in Johor

A fun filled night of shopping, interactive workshops and big giveaways at Carousell LIVE! in Johor


You’re invited to Carousell LIVE! in Johor

Join us on Saturday, 16th December for fun-filled night of shopping, interactive workshops, and big giveaways!

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I use Carousell to fund my wedding


Meet Janice (@rainybaxxshoe) , a 26 year old Carousell veteran who’s sold over 200 items, ranging from clothes, beauty to electronics and gadgets! Let’s hear her Carousell story.

Are you a full-time Carouseller? What were you doing previously?

I just started working full-time, and selling online is my side income since college.

What inspired you to use Carousell?

I started using Carousell as I was already an online seller on other platforms. I started selling online when I was just 18 years old. And as time passed, I researched other platforms to buy and sell things. My room looked like a rat’s house/ warehouse and I felt a need to declutter my items.

I’m currently planning for my wedding and I use Carousell to source for wedding items, as well as to fund my wedding by selling stuff I don’t need. Everyday before going to bed, I’ll browse Carousell to try my luck if I can find shoes, gowns or make-up for my wedding.

Your most memorable deal on Carousell?

I found two pairs of air Jordan kicks for my fiance and I at a really reasonable price. The market price is about RM 2,500  for 2 pairs, and I snagged it at RM700 for both. We are both sneakerheads so we incorporated our sneakers into our wedding photoshoot!

I love limited edition and quirky stuffs so if Carousell has higher chance of getting it, why not?

What do you sell on Carousell?

I usually sell clothing, bags and shoes – both preloved and new. I would say I’m just decluttering my goods at home and sometimes doing drop-shipping or pre-orders. I’ve also recently “expanded” my business beyond Johor Bahru to Singapore. After all, I just need to cross a bridge to Singapore to deliver goods to my Carousell customers there.

How has Carousell been as a source of income for you? What do you use the money for?

I would say a range between RM 100-300 per month. There’s no cost for selling as there are no loyalty or membership fees. The money I earn goes into my wedding fund! After all, it’s not cheap to get married, and every dollar counts.

Any tips on how to sell better on Carousell?

Price items accordingly and not at RM 0. Buyers don’t like asking and get shocking price that they can’t afford. Take good photos.

What are your most memorable experiences on Carousell?

Yes! I’ve made a few friends on Carousell – most of them are still friends with me till today.

The most memorable one would be a buyer and seller named Arron. I bought something from him as per usual.On another occasion, I visited my friends who were part of a live band in Penang.To my surprise, Arron was one of their band members. He had a beautiful voice and was stylish in person.

It was such a serendipitous moment! Carousell has helped me make friends across cities – whether it is Singapore, Johor, or Penang; I feel like I am part of a bigger community here.


Shop Janice’s items here!

Johor Flea Series featuring @vclos. @lovekidshouse @nabila.a @herleenaaaa


Hey Johoreans! Show your fellow Carousellers @vclos. @lovekidshouse @nabila.a @herleenaaaa support and shop from them!

“My most memorable deal is when I bought a brand new duck scarve. The seller let it go to me at JUST RM90 including postage!😌” <nabila.a>

“Hi! The first time I sell on Carousell is actually just for fun. I wanted to see if people would buy things that i am bored of.. and they do! People buy items from me like old clothes and etc. Since then, I started to sell other things too! And I made a decent amount of money too! 😊” <herleenaaaa>

Check out our Instagram @carousell.voices for more stories of our community!

Carousell stories featuring @yoitzsue and @erikahuey


“My most memorable deal on Carousell was definitely the first time I made my first sell, I was super thrilled! The buyer who bought my bohemian dress was super nice too, good sport! Also when she gave me a good feedback, I was so happy and it motivated me to sell more of my stuffs!” @yoitzsue For casual comfy style, be sure to check out her Carousell account!



“My most memorable deal on carousell was selling a clutch to a mother. She was super glad to found my item and happy when we met for exchange because she said its the most perfect gift for her daughter. Her happiness and excitement during our meet-up completely made my day😊” @erikahuey

Want to hear more stories of our community? Be sure to check them out on our Instagram page @carousell.voices Have any interesting stories to share? Drop us a DM too!

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My most memorable deal with featured users: @bananar @pantone.496c and @leeya93


It’s time to shop from your fellow Carousellers! This week, check out @bananar @psiluvu @pantone.496c and @leeya93’s items for great bargains.


Want to hear some memorable deals from these Carousellers? Keep reading!

“The best and memorable deal moment was when I was about to move back to my hometown in another state, I had a few big furnitures that could’ve been a hassle to bring them back with me and it was such a life-saver having the access to Carousell. The fun part was meeting all the unique individuals who came to pick up the furnitures (It was funny how they almost forgotten why they were here once they started playing with my cat), even though it was a short encounter with them, carrying and loading those heavy tables and shelf into their cars 👏🏼. It’s such a fulfilment being able to find those furnitures a new home and meeting those lovely individuals. 😊 Thanks Carousell ! Cheers.” <pantone.496c>

“The most memorable experience I had on Carousell was when I had to do a meet-up and my seller’s phone died.. I asked a seller to meet up with me and we exchanged phone number. I was stuck in traffic jam, so I sent over a message to let her know I was going to be late. When I reached our meet-up spot, I called her again, but it directed to voicemail. I thought she might have gone back. However, I know this seller and met up with her before, she’s friendly and I know she wouldn’t just go back without leaving a message right? So i walked around the ENTIRE shopping mall to find her. Just when I thought she left, I saw her from afar and she saw me too! So I ran over and apologize that I was late. She then told me that her phone’s battery ran out, hence she was not able to answer my calls vice versa. She’s so friendly and waited for me for so long! Luckily, we met by chance. 😊 Glad that I’ve built a mutual trust with her through Carousell.” <bananar>

“Dear Carousell, firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for creating a really great app. Initially, I was not sure if I should sell my items on Carousell. Eventually, Alhamdulilah, I started receiving offers for many of my items. It’s so easy to communicate with sellers and buyers here. I’ve sold and bought so many items with other Carousellers. I am so grateful to a point where I can’t explain, and only god can. Alhamdullilah thank you so much Carousell.” <leyaa93>


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Introducing: Johor Flea Series


Hey Carouseller! Are you based in Johor? Get hyped, because we’re introducing a new weekly collection called the “Carousell Flea Series”, whereby we give you the spotlight with your own EXCLUSIVE collection!

Here’s the latest Flea Series collection featuring users @thriftspace, @loopystore, @erikahuey and @kavitha88! Visit their collection and get some shopping going!

Check out their items here: https://my.carousell.com/s/4706/johor-flea-series-thriftspace-loopystore-erikahuey-kavitha88 

Let’s also hear from one of the featured users, @loopsystore as she shares her Carousell journey!

“My Carousell journey started when one of my friends asked me to join ever since my Facebook was disabled. It was pretty “silent” at first, but I just stayed patient. Not long after, I finally got my first buyer and she bought my son’s preloved items.

Soon, more buyers came along and I made RM600 in a month! Thanks @desser2wear (my friend) for introducing me! Overtime, I tried finding ways to improve; to become a better seller and attracting more buyers to notice my items. I interact with many other Carousellers, which eventually led to me befriending them. In the Carousell community, I’ve build trust with other users and they’ve introduced me to many Carousellers who then follows my account.

Thanks Carousell for helping me grow my small business and some side income!”


Interested to hear more? Do visit out Carousell community collection to view stories from other users! https://my.carousell.com/special/carousell-community/

Meet Carouseller Natasha Jaidie, College Student from Selangor


A couple of weeks ago, we received a really sweet surprise email in our inbox from one of Malaysia’s early users who joined in 2014, @natashajaidie. She wrote in specially to drop us a thank you note after finally moving out to live independently by herself! Her first own house was entirely furnished by preloved furniture bought off Carousell! Definitely brought a smile to the Carousell team 🙂 Stories like Natasha’s is exactly why we started the Carousell community.

I think what motivated me to write this today is the fact that I am so broke, but having this “Pinterest-inspired” house and seeing what’s around me today is just too good to be true. I knew I had to thank Carousell for this.

Say hello to one of our early power seller Natasha, 21 year old college student from Selangor! Curious to check out her pinterest inspired home? Everything is from Carousell!

The Living Space

Every Girl’s Dream Wardrobe Space

Each and every one of those items from the sofa, armchair down to the shoe rack and clothing rack were all purchased off fellow sellers from the Carousell community.

Being a student and not having a stable income, moving out to live by herself was a big decision for Natasha. Having to come up with creative ways to get extra pocket money or to fund her dream home was crucial, and we’re glad Carousell could play a huge part in this!

Did we mention that Natasha’s a amazing Carouseller and fashionista too who takes great photos of the items she’s selling? Check out some of the fashion pieces she is selling on the app now! https://my.carousell.com/natashajaidie

Carousell is the free community marketplace app that lets you sell anything in a snap, and buy with a chat. Join thousands of fellow sellers in your community now and start selling today! my.carousell.com

5 Tips to Flat Lay Baby Clothes

how to flat lay your baby clothes

Pernah korang flat lay baby clothes anak-anak korang untuk ambik gambar and suddenly fikir “Alamak, cepatnya dorang membesar”?

That’s because they do! Baby boleh membesar dalam purata 1 kg sebulan!

Disebabkan tumbesaran mereka yang cepat, baju-baju mereka hanya boleh dipakai lebih beberapa kali saja. Malah, ada baju yang tak pakai a few times je sebab dorang dah tak muat nak pakai baju tu.

Daripada biarkan onesies comel anak anda “kumpul habuk” dalam almari atau tunggu nak bagi anak saudara yang tak tau bila akan datang, kenapa tak jual je baju baju tu? Korang boleh buat extra cash, plus budak-budak boleh dapat benefit daripada baju-baju tu.

Baju baby memang comel pun, tapi, I nak share dengan korang some flat lay photography tips yang bolehthat can improve your gambar and sales korang.

Get your flat lay foundations right

Before nak start, penting to have the right conditions untuk flat lay kita. It will make the photo editing processes easier.

  • Guna natural lighting
    • Untuk bagi a soft, neutral finish untuk gambar anda
  • Keep your background simple
    • Background yang tak banyak distraction boleh membantu untuk fokus dekat baju tersebut
    • Background putih or kayu usually paling bagus
  • Shoot from the top
    • Make sure ada cukup space untuk ambil gambar from a bird’s eye view / pandangan meluas

Plan in outfits, not individual items

Instead of ambil gambar satu baju je, ambil gambar lebih dari sehelai baju untuk create a story

Mix and match dengan kasut, topi dan aksesori yang berbeza untuk menghasilkan different style and tema.

how to flat lay baby clothes for boys

Bukan je boleh create gambar yang sangat menarik, tapi boleh jugak tolong the potential buyers to imagine complete look.

Spruce up your shot with baby-related props

Daripada bibs to mainan lembut, buku kanak-kanak to bingkai gambar, anda mungkin dapat cari kebanyakan benda-benda ini kat rumah — all it takes is a a little creativity and resourcefulness.

Kalau tak, anda boleh cari photo props yang comel ni kat Carousell.

using props to flat lay baby clothes

Add a baby’s touch

Flat lay photographers ada share yang if kita tambah a “human touch” it will make your photo korang #Lagi menarik, so why not include baby korang in the flat lay? #LagiComel

Kalau korang tak minat nak menunjuk-tunjuk bayi anda, you can subtly include a baby’s touch with their adorable hands and feet!

flat lay your baby clothes to take a nice photo

Photo credits: mount_zi

Lagipun, siapa boleh resist tangan baby yang tembam?

Enjoy the flat lay process

Part paling best pasal flat lay is that dia senang nak buat! Korang tak perlu guna professional camera, korang hanya perlukan smartphone je and it will still look pro (baca pasal smartphone photography tips here).

So jangan stress sangat and enjoy the process! Kalau korang ada tips-tips yang boleh share, korang boleh komen dekat bawah okay!

8 Surprising Barang Secondhand di Rumah That People Will Pay For


We all have that barang secondhand at home yang only ‘kumpul habuk’ tapi tak rasa nak buang dan tak rasa orang akan spend money for it.

Kita semua ada baju-baju dalam cupboard kita yang kita fikir kita akan pakai satu hari nanti, tapi hari itu rasa macam tak akan datang.

Surprisingly, barang secondhand kita mungkin menjadi ‘Most Wanted’ oleh orang lain, terutama bila priced reasonably la. There’s an old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Sekarang, pasaran untuk barang-barang terguna makin meluas. Jadi, walaupun mereka tidak jual pada harga asal yang anda beli pada mulanya, tapi jual dekat Carousell confirm boleh dapat extra cash! #LagiHebat

Tapi, before anda decide nak declutter rumah or buang any ‘useless’ thing yang berselerak kat rumah, kita orang nak share dengan korang satu list of 9 jenis barang yang surprisingly Malaysians akan beli!

1. Pre-loved clothes and vintage fashion

barang secondhand baseball jacket

At least ada half dozen pakaian yang kita jarang pakai, or in some cases, tak pakai langsung. It can be anda punya Levi’s jeans yang dah tak muat nak pakai or the adorable maxi dress yang kita pakai hanya sekali dua.

Instead of biar baju-baju tersebut berselerak dalam almari, apa kata jual je dekat Carousell? Cepat pun nak jual and senang je. Anda punya baseball jean jacket mungkin tak sesuai untuk anda, tapi it will be perfect for sport lovers!

Label berjenama dan pakaian terjaga, will always do extremely well so guna guide ni akan bantu anda jual your preloved clothing better. Tak kira apa yang anda ada dalam almari anda, pasti anda orang yang nak punya. Jual dan anda dapat cash manakala pembeli dapat something berharga. Win-win situation!

2. Health and beauty products

barang secondhand health and beauty

Pernah rasa kecewa tak, terima hadiah body lotion or perfume yang bukan style anda? We all had that experience dapat hadiah that anda tau anda langsung tak akan guna, baik bagi duit angpao, betul tak?

Well, tak payah membazir lagi, jual online!

Many online shoppers look for new or barely used perfumes, bodycare and skincare products because they are typically much cheaper than they are in the shops. Sekarang pun ada market untuk benda macam bath bombs dan hair styling tools.

3. Indoor and outdoor furniture

barang secondhand ikea

Surprisingly, furniture juga lebih senang nak jual kerana ia bertahan lama. And even if it’s been used before, it still looks #Lagi great if it has been well-maintained!

Contohnya, someone who may have used a two-seater sofa for beberapa tahun. Mereka mungkin ready nak upgrade kepada model yang #Lagi besar. Walaupun sofa ni pernah diguna, they have kept the sofa looking great with leather polish and conditioning cream, orang lain akan consider sofa ni high quality! Plus, other people are #Lagi willing to buy from you when you’re selling cheaper than those in a furniture shop!

Look at your furniture through someone else’s eyes la. Kalau anda ingin ganti decor rumah, your old lounge chair, dining room table, bedside table or coffee table could be exactly what someone else is looking for. You can even sell tools for DIY or clothes hangers!

4. Gadgets, cables and electronics

barang secondhand iphone 7

While some people may prefer to buy brand-new electronics and gadgets, many people like to shop for secondhand online to get better deals.

From iPads to MacBooks; Nintendos to Nixons; speakers to drones, anda boleh jual hampir apa-apa benda elektronik yang ada kat rumah anda. Orang lain mungkin nak guna buat stage prop ke, atau bagi hadiah untuk anak-anak, you’ll never know if someone is looking for that old clothes iron that is collecting dust in your storeroom.

Asalkan masih boleh guna dan jual pada harga yang cantik, pasti ada orang nak beli sebelum anda boleh kata “go go gadget”. Bonus kalau benda tu limited edisi (macam iPod ni).

Ingat ya, listing deskripsi perlu detailed dan jelas, sebab ada customer yang akan tanya soalan teknikal.

5. Antique ceramics and porcelain

barang secondhand seperti antiques

Korang ada high tea set lama yang nenekmu ketinggalkan, atau patung hiasan yang anda suspek mungkin bernilai agak beberapa ratus ringgit?

Buatlah research online dan anda boleh untung sikit pocket money!

Ada banyak orang yang layari Internet, hunting for barang secondhand like antique pottery, porcelain, figurines and vases.

Make sure you know what exactly you’re selling la. Kalau anda ada barang-barang antik yang betul-betul bernilai, bagi professional review dan buat penilaian sebelum anda jual.

Baru-baru ni ramai orang yang minat giler benda vintage. Thanks to fashion trends, barang-barang antik banyak untung, as long as they’re ‘legit’ la.

6. Video games and gaming consoles

barang secondhand game retro

Nak buat ruang dalam almari anda untuk letakkan game yang baru? Ada banyak hardcore gamers yang sanggup beli video game anda, especially edisi lama atau yang limited edisi.

According to many, video games never go out of style, which means anda pasti dapat jual video games lama anda.

Contohnya, permainan katrij Nintendo Entertainment System dah menjadi lebih popular berbanding sebelum ni dalam komuniti barang-barang terpakai.

Semasa isi listing description, gunalah perkataan “retro” rather than “used” bagi buat benda anda lebih menarik. Plus, if they are in original condition and include an undamaged box, make sure to mention that (and post clear photos like the seller below)!

7. Books and office stationery

barang secondhand buku buku dan travel journal

Shopping online lebih murah dan #Lagi senang nak jumpa buku yang tak de dekat kedai buku. Plus, #Lagi baik sebab environmentally friendly!

Kalau anda ada barang secondhand macam buku yang pernah baca terlalu banyak kali sampai tak terkira, dan nak buat space baru untuk buku baru, anda pasti boleh buat untung dengan buku-buku tu.

You can make the best money if you have edisi special, signed copies atau buku yang susah nak cari. Ada ramai orang yang suka kumpul koleksi bagi completekan collection dia orang.

You may not always know when you have a valuable book, so sebelum anda nak bagi buku-buku tu kepada orang lain atau sedekahkan buku itu, buatlah research pasal buku tu to make sure you aren’t throwing something that can make you money.

Office stationeries tak terpakai juga boleh jual online. Ramai orang juga suka kumpul stationeries! Seperti, jika anda jual travel journal baru (yang diiklan dalam gambar di bawah).

8. Design and craft items

barang secondhand hiasan rumah

Sama ada anda seorang pelukis professional ataupun seorang yang suka membuat kraftangan tapi tak tahu bagaimana nak jual hasil kerja anda, pasti ada orang yang minat nak beli masterpiece anda.

Kalau anda berbakat bukat kraftangan, orang lain kat laman web seperti Carousell mungkin sangat berminat untuk beli hasil kerja anda.

Cuba anda fikir, hasil kraftangan anda 100% original, customer yang minat pada produk anda dapat berborak dengan pencipta dan dia orang mungkin akan tertarik pada warna-warna kraftangan anda. Whatever it is, everyone’s taste is different, and you may be much better at design than you realise!

So, clear up your barang secondhand at home now!

Janganlah sekali-kali pandang rendah nilai barang-barang harian yang berselerak kat rumah anda. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: one man’s trash sebenarnya treasure kepada orang lain.

Spend a quiet weekend at home collecting all your unwanted things, snap a pic, and list them online.

Ia memang sangat senang untuk jual barang secondhand. What are you still waiting for ah?