Meet Carouseller Natasha Jaidie, College Student from Selangor


A couple of weeks ago, we received a really sweet surprise email in our inbox from one of Malaysia’s early users who joined in 2014, @natashajaidie. She wrote in specially to drop us a thank you note after finally moving out to live independently by herself! Her first own house was entirely furnished by preloved furniture bought off Carousell! Definitely brought a smile to the Carousell team 🙂 Stories like Natasha’s is exactly why we started the Carousell community.

I think what motivated me to write this today is the fact that I am so broke, but having this “Pinterest-inspired” house and seeing what’s around me today is just too good to be true. I knew I had to thank Carousell for this.

Say hello to one of our early power seller Natasha, 21 year old college student from Selangor! Curious to check out her pinterest inspired home? Everything is from Carousell!

The Living Space

Every Girl’s Dream Wardrobe Space

Each and every one of those items from the sofa, armchair down to the shoe rack and clothing rack were all purchased off fellow sellers from the Carousell community.

Being a student and not having a stable income, moving out to live by herself was a big decision for Natasha. Having to come up with creative ways to get extra pocket money or to fund her dream home was crucial, and we’re glad Carousell could play a huge part in this!

Did we mention that Natasha’s a amazing Carouseller and fashionista too who takes great photos of the items she’s selling? Check out some of the fashion pieces she is selling on the app now!

Carousell is the free community marketplace app that lets you sell anything in a snap, and buy with a chat. Join thousands of fellow sellers in your community now and start selling today!


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