My most memorable deal with featured users: @bananar @pantone.496c and @leeya93


It’s time to shop from your fellow Carousellers! This week, check out @bananar @psiluvu @pantone.496c and @leeya93’s items for great bargains.

Want to hear some memorable deals from these Carousellers? Keep reading!

“The best and memorable deal moment was when I was about to move back to my hometown in another state, I had a few big furnitures that could’ve been a hassle to bring them back with me and it was such a life-saver having the access to Carousell. The fun part was meeting all the unique individuals who came to pick up the furnitures (It was funny how they almost forgotten why they were here once they started playing with my cat), even though it was a short encounter with them, carrying and loading those heavy tables and shelf into their cars 👏🏼. It’s such a fulfilment being able to find those furnitures a new home and meeting those lovely individuals. 😊 Thanks Carousell ! Cheers.” <pantone.496c>

“The most memorable experience I had on Carousell was when I had to do a meet-up and my seller’s phone died.. I asked a seller to meet up with me and we exchanged phone number. I was stuck in traffic jam, so I sent over a message to let her know I was going to be late. When I reached our meet-up spot, I called her again, but it directed to voicemail. I thought she might have gone back. However, I know this seller and met up with her before, she’s friendly and I know she wouldn’t just go back without leaving a message right? So i walked around the ENTIRE shopping mall to find her. Just when I thought she left, I saw her from afar and she saw me too! So I ran over and apologize that I was late. She then told me that her phone’s battery ran out, hence she was not able to answer my calls vice versa. She’s so friendly and waited for me for so long! Luckily, we met by chance. 😊 Glad that I’ve built a mutual trust with her through Carousell.” <bananar>

“Dear Carousell, firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for creating a really great app. Initially, I was not sure if I should sell my items on Carousell. Eventually, Alhamdulilah, I started receiving offers for many of my items. It’s so easy to communicate with sellers and buyers here. I’ve sold and bought so many items with other Carousellers. I am so grateful to a point where I can’t explain, and only god can. Alhamdullilah thank you so much Carousell.” <leyaa93>


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