Johor Flea Series featuring @vclos. @lovekidshouse @nabila.a @herleenaaaa


Hey Johoreans! Show your fellow Carousellers @vclos. @lovekidshouse @nabila.a @herleenaaaa support and shop from them!

“My most memorable deal is when I bought a brand new duck scarve. The seller let it go to me at JUST RM90 including postage!😌” <nabila.a>

“Hi! The first time I sell on Carousell is actually just for fun. I wanted to see if people would buy things that i am bored of.. and they do! People buy items from me like old clothes and etc. Since then, I started to sell other things too! And I made a decent amount of money too! 😊” <herleenaaaa>

Check out our Instagram @carousell.voices for more stories of our community!


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