Christmas gift guide 2020: Home & living gift ideas for every type of person


So you’ve definitely heard Christmas songs playing by now, or perhaps you’ve long put up the Christmas tree in your own home.

Now that it’s the festive gift-giving season again, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite home and living gift ideas that we found on Carousell:


For the hypebeast:

Carouseller @sneaker.kick imports hypebeast merch from brands like Adidas, Palace and Kaws from overseas. How about a Palace tee or Kaws Star Wars figurine?




For the person you haven’t had the “So are we dating?” talk with:

OooOo, tricky territory. Are clothing items too personal? Is a bottle of wine too impersonal? Are Christmas gifts a thing? Are we a thing?

Perhaps go with something small but customised – @azfar8163 does handmade batik pencil cases while @customax_design will pimp up your kicks



For the person you are most definitely dating:

A cute projector for all the nights you’re going to Netflix and chill.



For the relative you don’t actually know:

…But still have to get a gift for. Best to go with something practical, like kitchen appliances. You’ll find bargains like brand new iar fryer and juicers for a fraction of the price.


For the frenemy:

If, for some reason, you end up having to buy a gift for them…

A nice mirror so that they’ll go and reflect. A healthy sous vide machine because they salty. A doorway pull-up bar so they can get a grip.



For the vintage lover:

@kilaindustry has an entire catalogue of vintage collectibles like these cute mangkuk tingkat (tiered tiffin carriers).



For the Christmas grinch:

Carouseller @siddiqhalim sells solid home speaker so they can drown out everyone and everything.



Or if you’re the party host:

How do you know nobody wiped their greasy fingers in the crevices of your sofa? Or dropped potato chip crumbs on the most unlikely spots in your home?

You don’t 

Browse affordable home cleaning services to deal with the aftermath of your party (or for your spring cleaning before the new year).


The season of giving

P.S. We’re celebrating the festive season with our #Blessing collection, where you can get or give away your items for free. Afterall, it’s a season of love and understanding!

Meanwhile, happy gift shopping!


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