How to Prepare for an Events Job Interview: 4 Awesome Tips

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Are you preparing for your events job interview? Feeling nervous?

I know, job interviews are tough…

The interviewer will ask you questions that you can’t answer and the stress can get too much to handle.

What’s worse? The events industry is popular in Singapore. You could have applied for common roles like event planners or event coordinators.

This means that your competition for the position is fierce.

So, how do you impress the interviewer to beat the competition?

I sat down with HR Expert Valerie Song. With her help, I’ll go through 4 awesome tips for you to ace your upcoming events job interview:

  1. Research the events company or event you applied for
  2. Prepare a story that tells your interviewer that you have the relevant skills for the job
  3. Prepare questions for the interviewer to clarify your role and responsibilities
  4. Practice being calm and composed under pressure

Follow this actionable guide to beat the other job applicants and get your desired job!

Tip #1: Research the events company or event you applied for

The events industry is a wide sector, you have many options like:

  1. Music Festivals and Events
  2. Arts Festivals and Events
  3. Corporate Events (conventions and seminars)
  4. Commercial Events (birthdays and celebrations)

Each of them has a specific skill set they favour. But, where do you start?

I’ll help you break down what you need to do into 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Take your research online and research the event or event company you applied to

Even though this might be a no-brainer, interviewees often forget this step.

Interviewers prefer candidates who know about the company or event they’re applying for. It tells them that you’ve done your homework and you’re serious about the role.

Imagine you forgot this step. How do you think you will look when you can’t answer the most common interview question:

“Do you know what we do?”

Don’t worry, it’s time to take out your handy mobile phone! Research the company or event you applied to by visiting their:

  1. Main Website (with focus on the “About Us” page)
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Instagram or Twitter Profile
  4. LinkedIn Profile

PS, it is okay if you can’t find each of them.

You can read about the events company or event you applied to via their website or LinkedIn.

You can also find out what the company is about by browsing their social accounts. It might even show you what events they’ve done before.

Once you cover the basics, here comes the part you have to pay special attention to.

Step 2: Write down important information about the event company or event you applied to

Focus on the company’s “About Us” page and note down these 2 important details:

  1. Company Values
  2. Company/Event Mission and Vision

Think about how you can relate to what you found above and use it to your benefit. It’s great if you find that you’re a perfect fit for the job.

Let’s say you love fun and exciting environments. You might want to look for events or event companies in the entertainment industry.

Music Event Industry.jpg

Interviewers look for candidates who are a great fit. Don’t forget to let them know.

Pro Tip: If you know people within the industry, call them up. Ask them about the job scope and responsibilities. They know best.

Tip #2: Prepare a story that tells your interviewer that you have the relevant skills for the job

Interviewers have one main goal. They want to know whether you have the relevant skills for the job.

Were you asked this common question before?

“Tell me about a problem you faced before and how you solved it.” (Blockquote)

A neat trick I use is to answer this question is to prepare a story. Your story should highlight your relevant skills for the job.

Let’s say you applied as an event coordinator. This role needs someone who can manage and communicate well.

To answer the question above, recall a problem and how you solved it. Tell them a story that highlights your communication and managerial skills.

For example:

Imagine you had to plan a children’s birthday event. You found out that there was a shortage of food and drinks for the attendees.

Tell them a story of how you contacted the relevant parties that delivered fast results. But, be sure to stick to the main points of how you solved it. After you’re done, highlight the lesson you learnt.

This story shows how you can communicate well to manage problems when they arise. It is important in the events industry.

Here is a list of relevant skills the events industry look for:

  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Good communication and people skills
  4. Organisation skills
  5. Negotiation skills
  6. Leadership and managerial skills

The interviewer can’t tell whether you have these skills within your resume or CV. So, try to highlight these skills within your story.

Important Note: You don’t need to have prior work experience to tell a great story. You could think about a situation you faced in school where you had to manage an event (e.g. class gathering). Use it to create a great story.

Tip #3: Prepare questions for the interviewer to clarify your role and responsibilities

Interviewers love to ask whether you have any questions at the end of the interview.

If you have doubts about your job scope and responsibilities, ask them to explain in detail. You could even ask them questions like:

  1. What are the common situations I could face during your events?
  2. What is the company’s working culture like?

An interview is not an interrogation. You should engage them in a conversation. This is your golden chance to emphasise your passion for the job.

Interviewers appreciate candidates who are not afraid to speak up to learn more.

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Tip #4: Practice being calm and composed under pressure

Stress when preparing for job interview.jpg

Have you been to an event where things went wrong? It is easy to mess up.

Nobody wants things to go wrong on the day itself. This is why interviewers want to know how you handle stressful situations. They want to know if you can work under pressure.

You don’t want to get a pay cut because you made a mistake that costs money to fix.

So, how do you let the interviewer know that you’re calm and composed under pressure? Share your stress relaxation techniques with them.

Here are 2 basic ones to start:

1. Take deep breaths to control your breathing when you’re under pressure

This is a common stress relieving technique.

You start by inhaling for 3 seconds. Then, exhale for another 3 seconds. Repeat this a few times to calm down.

You can also use this technique during your interview!

If you’re faced with a tough question, ask for time to think. Take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. You will eventually find the answer to their question.

2. Give yourself a pep talk before the event starts

Don’t be the reason for your own bad experience.

It is easy to be negative and worry about whether things are going to go wrong. But, why would you want to set yourself up for defeat?

Instead, give yourself a positive pep talk.

Share with the interviewer how you psych yourself up before an event. A positive pep talk gives you the confidence to run a successful event.

Over to You

I hope you’re ready to prepare for your upcoming job interview after reading this article! Remember that interviews don’t have to be hard, prepare yourself to succeed and say hello to your new events job.

Share this article with your friends who are anxious about their job interviews too!

If you have other questions about jobs that you need answers to, leave us a comment below. We’ll do our best to help!

By Irene Arieputri


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