5 Creative Ideas for your Baby Photoshoot

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It’s no surprise that parents get trigger-happy while photographing their kids. After all, since babies never keep still, a good snapshot stops a moment from slipping away.

With smartphones, it’s much easier for parents to capture those everyday moments. However, there are some milestones that are extra precious and deserve a special photo.

From first months to special occasions, professional photos are an amazing addition to your photo collection. Your baby is only young once – when you look back at those moments, you would find the investment worth it, especially when you can find affordable photography services on Carousell.

To help you maximise your photo session and create some treasured moments, here are some ideas for great baby photos!

1. Recreate a special moment

Choose places that hold special memories for you.

“Portsdown road has a special place in our hearts as my husband and I took our wedding shots there. Naturally, when our daughter Michaela came along, we knew we had to recreate the photo! An outdoor shoot may be challenging, but we found a photographer on Carousell that was able to tackle it. We’re so happy with the way our photos turned out!” says Charis <@charisooi_89>.

2. Pop Culture References

Have a favourite movie character? Let your baby play the part.

With a dash of creativity and some simple props, you can let your baby live out all your cosplay dreams. Take the cue from Instagram photographer Laura Izumikawa who dresses up her baby in hilarious costumes while she is sleeping.

For costumes, do a quick search on Carousell and you’ll be surprised what you can find. We especially love this quirky hot dog costume! Once you’re done with the costumes, you can sell them back onto Carousell.

3. Add a trusty companion

Show how small your tiny tot is by adding comparisons.

Photo credit: tamanegi.qoo.riku (left), Carouseller <errypictures> (right)

From soft toys to pets, it’s always fun to show how small your baby is by adding a companion to the shoot. Kids don’t stay small forever, so take this chance to capture their size.

You could even make it a series that documents the growth of your child!

4. Track their milestones

A baby’s firsts only come by once.

Photo credit: batzkids

From first months to first teeth, these are precious milestones to document. Especially when your child is still a newborn, he/she is changing by the day and you won’t want to miss out on any firsts.

A good way to track their growth progress is to add a milestone mat to your photos. You can get yours on a budget from Carouseller <dreamgift> or customised signs from Carouseller <merryknot>.

5. Play with props.

Have some fun with random items.

Photo credit: Queenie Liao

Photoshoots can also be fun and irreverent. Why take yourself so seriously? We love how photographer Queenie Liao creates these quirky scenarios for her baby.

Every frame a story.

As cliche as it sounds, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Photoshoots are special experiences in themselves – it’s not just the photos you keep, but also the memories associated with them.

When your child gets older, they would be curious to know how they were like growing up. That’s when you’ll be thankful you took these photos!

Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Share with us below!


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