How to Make Your Skin Look Younger without Breaking the Bank

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Everyone pretty much wants the same thing when it comes to skincare. They want to look youthful, hydrated and blemish-free.

Unfortunately, a lot of us think gorgeous and glowing skin means spending fat cash at department store beauty counters. But you know, it doesn’t have to be like that at all!

One of my colleagues on the Carousell community team is like a total makeup pro, and she showed me that you can get gorgeous skin on a budget, provided you know:

  • What your skin needs
  • What products will work the best for you
  • Where you ought to be shopping to get the best deals

Understanding Your Skin Type

Sometimes, people end up spending too much on skincare because they don’t take the time to understand their skin type before shopping. When you buy products that aren’t right for your skin type, you end up wasting money in the long run. 💸💸💸

Like, if your skin frequently feels rough and patchy, you’ve got dry skin. If you regularly experience blemishes and see a lot of shine, then your skin is oily. If you find that your skin becomes red and inflamed easily, then your skin is sensitive 😳

Or, if you find that none of those descriptions ring true for you, then your skin is balanced (lucky you!).

Picking The Right Skincare Products


Picking the right products for your skin type can make all the difference in the world. If you have dry skin you should avoid products that contain exfoliating acids or alcohol; instead, you should look for products that contain oils and fatty moisturisers.

If on the other hand you have oily skin, you will want to look for products meant to fight acne, such as those that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

And if you have sensitive skin you should be cautious when shopping for skincare products, as your skin is easily irritated. Look for products designed specially for sensitive skin, as they’ll be gentler and won’t cause any irritation.

If you are lucky enough to have balanced skin, you are free to experiment with a wide range of different products!

Make The Most Of Preloved Beauty Products

At some point, you’ve probably purchased a skincare product that your complexion didn’t quite agree with. So it probably won’t surprise you that there’s thousands of people out there who’ve experienced the same thing.

What do you do with these preloved beauty products if you know for sure you can’t use them again?

Quite often people choose to sell these gently used products on Carousell, with a discount. It’s not only a great way to make a bit of extra money from your unused products, but it is also a cool way to try out some new ones and find something that works with your skin.

Remember, what didn’t agree with someone else’s skin might be perfect for yours!

Get More Sleep

If you really want to improve the look of your skin on a super-tight budget, the answer might be in your own bed. 💤

There are tons of reasons why it’s beneficial to get more sleep, including better skin. When we’re tired, it tends to show on our faces. Our skin becomes pale, and lifeless, dark circles can form under our eyes.

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep on a regular schedule each night will help your complexion to look more vibrant and glowing, so put that tablet away and catch up on your TV shows the next evening instead.

Exercise Daily


Similar to how sleep improves the look of your skin, exercise can help to create a more beautiful complexion as well.

Exercise increases blood flow, which can help to encourage cell turnover and give your skin a healthy glow. Physical fitness can also help to keep the skin taut, preventing excess sagging and wrinkle formation.

Adding daily exercise to your routine will help to improve your health in just about every area of your life, including the health of your skin. But don’t stress out and think you need to go off and run a marathon. Simply walking to the bus, or parking your car that little bit further from your destination can add the daily dose of exercise you’re looking for.

The Carousell gang used to play street soccer ⚽️  cos there was a court near our old office, but I guess I’ll have to find something else now that we’ve moved to the new HQ.

Reduce Stress

Stress can be incredibly detrimental to the appearance of your skin. It can cause breakouts and diminish your overall glow. Taking steps to relax and erase stress from your life isn’t just good for your mental health; it’s also good for your appearance.

There are plenty of techniques you can add to your routine to diminish stress. You could try meditation, which will help you relax, breathe and step back from your problems. You could also try a weekly spa night at home, where you take a bath and give yourself a facial using the products you have on hand.

This is a great way to not only eliminate stress, but to take the time to care for your complexion and apply products that will help to improve your skin’s health.

Maintain A Healthy Diet


No one says you can’t have a treat every now and then. However, if your diet consists of a lot of sugar and salt, it could be showing on your face. These unhealthy foods cannot only cause blemishes, but can cause your skin to retain water and look bloated.

For a naturally dewy complexion, be sure to eat a lot of foods that contain healthy fats, such as avocado, salmon and olive oil. Fruits and vegetables 🍎 🍌 will also help to improve your skin, as they contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are good for skin health.

Drink More Water

Yes, this is perhaps one of the most clichéd tips for healthy skin. However, there’s a good reason why it’s so often repeated.

Healthy skin is moisturized skin. While we can all apply night creams and lotions, nothing beats true hydration, which comes from within. When you’re dehydrated, your skin takes on a dull appearance. When you’re sufficiently hydrated, your skin looks dewy, plump and refreshed.

This will forever be the best and most important tip for healthy skin, so drink up! 💦

You can do it!

As you can see, looking younger doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune at the department store counter or at a plastic surgeon’s office.

Go try these tips, because they sure worked for me!


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