Carousell同你一齊建立2020新年目標! 20/20 Vision For 2020 Resolutions

當你設立好 2020 嘅新年目標 —— 但你準備好迎接最難嘅一步未?

You made those New Year Resolutions – are you prepared for the hard part?


As inspiring as they can get, New Year Resolutions are often amazing and huge changes to ourselves and lifestyles. But this could set us up for failure. How do we start, and how do we stick to it?

根據斯克蘭頓大學嘅一項研究,只有8%嘅人成功實現咗佢地嘅新年目標,而有多達80%嘅人未能堅持到佢地新年訂落嘅目標。老老實實!你係唔係其中一份子先? (小編就係其中一個)

According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals, while around 80 percent fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Now, does this sound an awful lot like you? (It does, for me!)


咁代表你應該完全放棄自己嘅新年計劃? Does this mean you should just give up on resolutions altogether?


Of course not! It’s always good to reflect on what went well and what didn’t in the past year. And it feels good to start a new year with clear goals, so you feel like you know where you’re heading. More Kylie Jenner, less Kanye West, amirite?


如何保持住對新年目標嘅果股衝勁?So how do we make those good feels last?

– 貼士 1: 實際啲 Be realistic

你以前有冇試過呢件事?如果冇嘅話,由0到100顯然係件非常困難嘅事。設定一個可以實現嘅目標,唔好越級挑戰。你有冇足夠嘅budget 開始並堅持你新一年嘅計劃?要實現目標都唔需要為你銀包增加負擔。

Have you never done this before? If so, to go from 0 to 100 is obviously going to be super tough. Set a goal that’s achievable, not intimidating.
Do you have the budget to start and stick with this resolution for the whole year? To commit to a new year resolution shouldn’t have to burden your wallet.

– 貼士 2: 目標清晰 Be clear


Avoid vague resolutions like “lose weight” or “read more”. This is akin to having a treasure map…with no treasure marked on it. Tag clear milestones like “5kg” or “60 books” so you know exactly where you want to get to. This also helps you track how close you are to hitting your final goal each time you review where you are.

– 貼士 3: 設定時限 Give yourself time

用一個明確嘅時間表幫助你實現目標。「 6個月5公斤」或「一個季節60本書」可以幫助你學會如何調整自己的嘅步伐。所有嘅過程都需要時間,今次都冇例外!記住啊,第一個月嘅開始同嘗試堅持一個新嘅決定係最困難嘅!所以唔好咁快就灰心喪氣。就連蝙蝠俠都花左一段時間先從Bane嘅監獄到走甩。

Have a clear timeline to achieve your goals. “5kg in 6 months” or “60 books a quarter” helps you see how to pace yourself. All journeys take time, and this is no different! Bear in mind the first month of starting and trying to stick to a new resolution is the hardest! So don’t get disheartened too quickly. Even Batman took some time to escape the underground prison Bane put him in.

– 貼士 4: 拆分目標 Break it down


Now that you know what final success looks like, it’s time to break it down into steps. You finally know where your treasure lies on your map, you just need to plot your route to get there. If you’re looking to “lose 5kg in 6 months”, what is your goal each month? Getting started can sometimes be the hardest step, so have a clear idea of what your starting step should be.

準備好開始未?Ready to get started now?


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