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Resale checklist: Questions to ask when you’re house-viewing in Singapore
hdb flat types singapore

HDB flat types in Singapore: Guide to HDB flat size and floor plans
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5 Property Hacks to Spot a Home Worth Investing in

Property investment goes something like this: Buy a home in Singapore. Perhaps rent it out for some side income. Sell at a profit. Laugh all the way to the bank. It all sounds too good to be true. Which means it probably isn’t true.
singapore east side things to do

Singapore’s East Side: The Best Things to Eat, Do and See

Carousellers Share What makes your neighbourhood the best in Singapore? A while back, we got our fellow Carousellers to share the best parts of living in their estates, and proud Easties generously offered their top insider recommendations. After all, who better to ask for a neighbourhood’s best-kept secrets than the people...
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The COMPLETE List of Grants for Buying a HDB Resale Flat in Singapore

Owning a HDB flat is practically a rite of passage in every other Singaporean’s life. But for those of us who have yet to reach that stage, we’re probably all thinking, “How on earth does an average person fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars?!”

5 detailed steps to buy your resale HDB flat in Singapore (2018)

For HDB home-seekers, the dilemma of getting a BTO or Resale HDB Flat can be a splitting headache.  Curious about the number 1 discerning factor for other buyers?  The waiting time might deter you if you're considering a BTO. You have to endure it before you finally get the keys to...
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Woods Square: Transforming Singapore’s Woodlands into a Regional Centre

Woods Square. The first office space for sale in Woodlands Regional Centre (Singapore’s Northern Gateway), which is being further rejuvenated and developed under the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) Master Plan 2014. It is an integrated office development with retail, F&B, and a childcare centre. It will have direct connectivity to...
How to sell your condo in Singapore in 2018

7 Steps to Selling a Condominium in Singapore in 2018 on your own

Ok, first things first, we’re not going to lie: Selling your condo as a private owner takes quite a bit of work. That's why a lot of home sellers choose to engage property agents. But if you're one of the few who are willing to put in the effort, you save...

Landlord’s Guide: How to rent out a HDB flat on your own in Singapore

As HDB owners in Singapore, most of us are painfully aware that living in Singapore is increasingly expensive. To cope with hefty mortgages and rising utility bills, many HDB owners in Singapore are wisely turning to rental income for investment and financial relief. So, if you own a spare room or...
Selling HDB flat in Singapore

HDB resale procedure 2018: How to sell your HDB flat on your own

Looking to sell your HDB flat on your own but completely clueless how to? Besides the admin paperwork you have to prepare, the #1 daunting question faced by first-time sellers would be, how do you even find potential buyers for your home? Don't fret. After reading this article, you will...