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Staff picks: 11 hot homeware finds

Last week, a bunch of us were invited to a cozy steamboat party at our GM’s place. Once we entered, the first thing that caught our attention was this extensive wall of Lego sets. Bedazzled by the massive Lego display, it reminded me of why I love visiting new...

Kitchen Design: 7 Popular Styles for Your Home

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's often true. Your kitchen is where you spend time preparing meals for yourself or loved ones (or in my case, swiping food from them), and it's often a central gathering space. Designing a kitchen can feel overwhelming...

The Art To Modern Living Room Design On A Budget (7 Unique Ideas)

Modern design doesn't always come with a hefty price-tag, and it's actually easy to create chic living rooms.

7 Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old Furniture

Do you ever look at your old furniture and wonder what to do with it? Simply tossing it in the backyard is not often an option (especially if you don’t have a backyard). And moving it somewhere else? Well that can be cumbersome, often consuming a whole day. And also…...